Pictures: Footling Breech Baby Born Into Dad’s Hands

*It is not advised to freebirth a breech baby at home. If you choose to have an unassisted birth, be prepared and have back up plans. Unassisted birth is not for everyone.*

I have 5 kids, but these are pictures of Cricket, my 4th natural birth, my 2nd UC.  Enjoy!~Laura

unassisted breech birth

unassisted breech birth feet

freebirth of footling breech baby

dad catches breech baby at home

breech baby born unassisted at home

unasissted home birth with family

family at unassisted home birth

breastfeeding unassisted birth baby

*These pictures and this couple’s birth are beautiful and I am grateful they have shared them with us. Breech birth is another variation of ‘normal’. This couple chose to birth their baby at home as they felt it was best for. If you have a breech baby, please note there are different complications that can arise. Many babies will turn in time for birth, but some remain breech. Talk with your care provider about the risks and benefits regarding a cesarean or vaginal birth. Do your own research and make an informed decision with the support of your care provider. If you feel a vaginal birth is best, make sure you have a competent care provider who is skilled and knowledgeable in assisting a breech baby.


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