• New Mama

    Thank you for all the encouraging quotes Mama BFW! The one that God gave me at the beginning of my pregnancy is:

    “I will not worry about this pregnancy. Because I cannot control that which only God can control.”

    Another one God gave me today after my 39week Ob appointment is:

    “Lord – My baby and my body belong to You. I am the vessel for your new life. May Your perfect will be done.”

  • Keri

    I like something that Marsden Wagner said “So having a highly trained surgeon obstetrician assist at your birth is about as sensible as hiring a pediatric surgeon as a baby sitter for your healthy 2 year old when you go out in the evening.”

  • Soshanna

    Love this! I have most of these printed out and up on the walls during my HypnoBirthing classes as discussion points during breaks.

    I now have a few more to add 🙂

    As always, thanks for sharing.

  • Melanie

    I like a lot of these quotes, my favourite is ”If I don’t know my options, I don’t have any.” by Diana Korte. However I think some of the quotes can be read a couple of ways depending on where a woman is at in her life, especially if she is dealing the with effects of a traumatic birth.

    This article sums up how some of these quotes can be unintentionally hurtful (http://birthtraumatruths.wordpress.com/2010/06/03/there-is-a-secret-in-our-culture-but-it-is-not-that-women-are-strong-why-some-birth-quotes-may-be-damaging-to-women/)

    Mrs BWF – I think you do an amazing job and this is not a criticism of your work, rather another side to how these quotes can be taken.

    • Mrs. BWF

      I understand what you are saying, however, I can not worry about what people ‘might’ think and how a few people ‘may’ take things out of context. I can’t control that. I have and always will be sensitive to those that have had traumatic births. I have experienced them myself and have written about this subject and we support women who have gone through traumatic births on our FB page. I do my best to support women coming from all different experiences and backgrounds, but I will never please everyone. Thank you for the feedback!

      • Melanie

        I too have had a traumatic birth and know how much support your FB page offers. You are so generous with your time in helping other women to birth without fear, to understand their options to make truly informed choices regarding their care.

        I just want the world in general to know how a traumatic birth affects a women, and for the world to support a women to heal from her experience.

  • Dan

    After my wife (8+ months pregnant) goes to sleep I post a new one of the quotes up somewhere in the house that she will find it as she gets ready for work in the morning.

  • Loraine

    I love, love, love these quotes!!!! I have just printed this off. There is another quote I remember seeing and I swear it was on your page but can’t find it now. It was something like, “We are empowering, we are……….” I can’t remember the rest? Help?! 🙂

  • Angela K

    Where were these when I needed them? I’ve had five children and two miscarriages, so seven pregnancies…and I’ve never heard these. I had two children in a hospital before I even heard of anything else. Our culture is very effective at propaganda, and at stifling truth and empowerment. So sad. But…now I can share these with others! Yeah!

  • Janette

    Love these quotes! So much inspiration here. I’ve had three natural births, but they happen SO fast that they are too intense for me to really focus and be in the moment so I’m not as calm as I know I can be. With this one due in roughly 8 weeks, and another home birth (this time in the water), I’m looking for sources of inspiration, things I can focus on during my fast and intense labour (or long, if it happens that way), so that it can all happen more calmly and peacefully, and so I can really open up and give in to the whole process. Thank you!

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