2 Naturally Supported Hospital Birth Videos

These 2 birth videos show hospital births done right. These women are supported in birthing their babies how they want. If only more hospitals would follow this example. I am so happy for these women! Ladies, if you are planning a hospital birth, YOU have choices. If your provider doesn’t see it this way, hire one who will. Find a CNM or an OB that you can work with TOGETHER to have the birth you desire.

This video is so sweet. Mom births on hands and knees, on the floor, supported by pillows! The Dr. is very quick to get baby to mom. They are not rushed as her and dad bond with their sweet baby.

The 2nd video is of another hospital birth where mom labored freely and also birthed on hands and knees on the bed.

*Thank you Rain for sending these in.



  • Jen @Plus Size Birth

    ***Tears*** Both of these videos reminded me of my natural hospital birth where I was on my hands and knees when I brought my son into this world. My midwife told me it was an “honor to be at my birth”. That experience changed my life forever. Bummer that our hospital wouldn’t allow video so I sure thank these women for sharing these precious memories that took my breath away! BEAUTIFUL!

  • KHime

    Thank you! This totally was meant for me to find tonight. We’re celebrating our child’s birthday, and his whirlwind delivery took place in the midst of a nurse and physician who didn’t support natural childbirth. I informed them of my wishes prior to labor really setting in, and they replied that it’s inhumane to not offer drugs repeatedly. True to their word, I was asked after nearly every contraction if I wanted drugs now…what my husband equated to running a marathon with someone driving beside you, offering to give you a lift to the finish line. When I pushed him through my cervix after they told me I was at 8 CM, I was terrified and worn down and wasn’t the composed person I was with our daughter — many times I’ve wished for a do-over on his delivery as I felt so out of control of my emotions in that moment! But really, at the end of the day, I was able to deliver my son without meds in an environment that didn’t support it — and for that, I am thankful! That truly was a blessing.

  • HerbalMama1001

    Thank you, thank you so much for posting these vids! I have been watching all your birth videos with my 3yo (HB) who will be present at her sister’s birth in a birth center that supports natural childbirth with midwives and OBs (and whose classes even teach natural methods for L&D!) It’s reassuring for me to know that these birth centers truly exist. Hopefully I can send you a waterbirth/birth center video in the future!

  • Jill

    Wow! Amazing births!! I’m actually jealous of these experiences :/ …. nothing like mine. On my back, legs in thigh stirrups, dr telling my coaches to hold me down. Beautiful videos 🙂

  • Jazz

    Just when I needed it! I am due to give birth soon and pray I will have a beautiful experience just like the ones you ladies shared!!!

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