Couple is Expecting 2 Sets of Twins!

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An article about this story was shared in our BWF Support group. It was rather snarky and judgmental. Why judge other parents, especially when they have been BLESSED with babies? Even if circumstances are difficult, babies are always blessings.

“For more than a decade, Misty and Brian Baker have tried for a child without any luck.

But now, with the help of their best friends, they are making up for lost time – as they are expecting FOUR babies after both Misty and her surrogate fell pregnant with twins.

When the Bakers, who live in Seattle, Washington, were drained financially, physically and emotionally by two failed sessions of IVF, their best friends in Kokomo, Indiana stepped in.”

After failed attempts, their doctor suggested they try one more time, both mom and surrogate and they BOTH fell pregnant with twins!!! Mom and dad, who could have no children, are now being blessed with four sweet babies.

Is this overwhelming? Absolutely. Will it be expensive and exhausting? You bet.

However, they will love their babies and many people will pitch in and support them. Have a little faith in human kind, there really is still good in it.

Read the full article here.


  • laurel

    I’m in WA, only 30 or so minutes away from Seattle. If anyone knows of a way to get in contact with this couple or someone helping to organize help for them after the babies come, send me an email. I’d be happy to lend a hand with meals or childcare shifts, I don’t have money to donate but I have an able body.

  • Kadi

    I am so happy that you posted this in celebrations of these babies. I read the other article this morning and was so upset by the negativity.

  • Mae Redmond

    If there’s anything parenthood teaches us it is the humility to work with situations that might be less than our pre-parent selves would have thought ideal, but which are real, and lovable nonetheless!

  • tamera

    I am a mom of 2 sets of twins, we were expecting twins and at 7 weeks US both twins had quads, (2 sets of twins) Its a blessing we were not expecting twins let alone quads, fear was my first thought, how will we take care of 4 babies, but you just do it, 26 diapers a day.. 20-30 bottles a day 4 bouncers 2 swings 4 boppies 4 pak n plays and 2 loads of laundery everyday…
    but I would not trade it for the world

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