Changing Birth Through Generations

Let our mothers, grandmothers and our daughters and sons witness empowering birth. Let their view of birth be forever changed. Let us change birth for past, present and future generations…

This moment was captured by Babymoon Birth Photography. Image by Ruthie Davis.


  • Sarah J

    My mom had me (her only child) at 32 weeks (at that time, they thought I was going to die) and had to be transported in labor to the big city 45 min. away via ambulance. It was a VERY traumatic birth for both my mother and my father. After the completely natural birth of my daughter at a birth center my mom was healed of her traumatic birth. It was beautiful to witness. She got to be in the room on and off during my labor and was in the room when I pushed out her granddaughter. My father has been healed greatly from his previous experience but still has a way to go, but still, to get to help my parents heal from my birth is amazing!

  • Christy

    When I first started learning about out-of-hospital birth and started talking about home birth (long before I became pregnant the first time), my mom was scared to death and took every opportunity to share the infamous “…and if they hadn’t been the hospital, the baby/mother would have DIED!” stories. She remained skeptical but kept her fears to herself as I prepared for my out-of-hospital birth with my son, but she says she became a believer when she witnessed my midwife’s professionalism and care during the birth. My midwife knew exactly what she was doing, knew how to handle the unexpected, knew how to keep me calm and focused and had an infectious sense of peace and confidence in my body’s ability to do what God made it to do. My mom is now a believer!

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