C-Section Without Fear {Baby Reaches His Hand Out from the Womb}

I went in for an induction due to having preeclampsia, after 24hrs I showed absolutely no progress. Our baby was still doing well so we decided to go ahead with a c-section while it was not yet an emergency situation. I believe my hypno-birthing techniques helped me tremendously through my induction. On  9/1/10 our son Zander Knight was born  The C-section (besides the recovery) was awesome: no worries, no fear, the staff was amazing, and I felt so comfortable. I cried when I first heard my son cry 🙂

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  • Karen Schadel

    Our daughter-in-law was sent to the hospital this morning due to symptoms of pre-eclampsia. Just informed by our son that they are going to induce her. She is 9 days until her due date. They are in Massachusetts…we live in Upstate NY. I am a nurse who had 4 babies at home…this is hard for me! Still I know it is harder for them as they were preparing for a natural hospital delivery using the hypnobirthing method. Just wondering how you made the choice to go from induction to c-section and how was the induction part? Also how long did you have symptoms of pre-eclampsia before they initiated induction? Thanks for any information you would like to share.

    • Piper Smith

      My daughter was born with a similar story–pre-eclampsia symptoms started around 36 weeks, and we waited until 38w, 2d (I did quit the job I had at the time, rested a little and lost 6 pounds of swelling in that one week in between). We induced, and I think a big reason it didn’t progress was that when the Pitocin caused my blood pressure to get worse, the doctors were scared and gave me mag sulfate, and together I think those two medications can really hault any progress. Mag sulfate was SO incredibly miserable that I was happy to decide on a C-section at that point. I, and my sisters, were all born at home, so that would have been my “dream”, but the C-section gave me a healthy baby, after a pretty scary, medically complicated pregnancy. I am about to give birth to my 2nd (and last). No pre-e this time, but diabetes, so I am still hoping to go into labor on my own…..and also ready to be at peace with a C-section and a beautiful healthy baby.

    • Hereni

      Hi, just wanted to wish your daughter in law best of luck for the induction. I live in NZ and was planning a home birth but ended up in hospital with preeclampsia and had to be induced. I also did hypnobirthing and it was really helpful. Not sure if she has access to acupuncture but on the day of my induction I had an acupuncture session to assist with the induction, I really believe that this helped prepare my body for the induction. The induction they used for me was the gel and I was lucky as my labour was 3 hours, the surges were intense but I had wonderful support, also my husband used acupressure to help me with the intensity (I only learnt about accupressure 2 days prior to the induction). I was lucky as my midwife let me also use the water bath which apparently in NZ hospitals is against protocol due to the risk of fitting with preeclampsia, the water helped immensely. If your daughter in law can get through the surges then the pushing part is really fine with using the hypnobirthing J breathing. I found it really scary when I was told I would be induced but with the right support it will all be fine, I also played the positive affirmations throughout the labour and that helped put me in the right mind frame. I had symptoms of preeclampsia for 2 weeks prior to being induced, I wanted to wait longer for the induction but im kinda glad I did it earlier rather than putting it off as the hospital was really keen on intervention and im not sure I would have been able to have the natural birth I wanted. I will be using acupuncture in my next pregnancy to help prevent preeclampsia. I really want a home birth next time. Sending positive thoughts your way, remember to stay positive and supportive for your daughter in law, I know I needed all the support I could get in terms of people telling me I could do it and would be fine.

    • Molly

      Karen . I had a 24 hr urine test done when the results came back in the morning I went in for an induction that evening it was a 24 hr induction and i did not make any progress baby didn’t drop i was still high and closed tightly. My son was due the 5th of September and born via c section thr 1st.

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