Quick Hospital Birth with Gorgeous Photos {Birth Without Fear}

I was not expecting to have our rainbow baby that day, but I wanted to see if things were progressing after hanging out at 3-4 cm for about two weeks and on and off contractions throughout the night. I knew I needed at least one dose of antibiotics and I didn’t want to go too fast at home. After seeing my doctor, the decision was made to send me to triage for two hours of monitoring. I went to 5 cm with only four contractions within those two hours… and I knew it was time.

I got to my room and was started on Pitocin (definitely not a part of my plan considering I wanted a natural birth with minimal intervention) and antibiotics. Three hours and two doses of antibiotics later, my doctor came to check me and break my water (I was 6 cm at this point). As soon as a sat up, the pressure became SO intense and I was extremely uncomfortable being confined to a bed. I decided to get an epidural so I could relax and enjoy the time with my husband.

hospital labour

It took roughly thirty minutes for the anesthesiologist to come in and place the epidural, but by that point I was already fully dilated and it did not have time to take effect. Our baby was right there and I had to blow through each contraction and the urge to push waiting on my husband, Jennifer (our AMAZING photographer), and my doctor to get back into the room.

As soon as they were all there, the pushing began and it seemed like mere seconds until I heard our baby’s first cry. It was the most amazing moment of my life!

I labored for 4 hours in bed, with Pitocin, and virtually no pain medication before giving birth to our 7 pound 15 ounce baby boy in one contraction with no tears. My birth did not go according to plan, but I was more than okay with that the moment I laid eyes on our beautiful baby boy. All decisions were agreed to me and my husband, NOT made by my doctor!

newborn breastfeeding

new family hospital birth

More images of this birth here: Quinn’s {BIRTH} day

Photos by Augusta Birth Photography

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