33 Things You ALWAYS Want to Say to (or Do for) a Pregnant Woman

pregnancy, pregnant, There are plenty of things you never want to say to a pregnant mama (not unless you want to risk a throat punch). However, what about things you DO want to say to a pregnant mama? Here is a list of safe comments you are allowed to make to a pregnant mama. Please read carefully.

1.) “You’re glowing!”

2.) “I’m excited to meet your baby!”

3.) “You’re doing great!” or “You’ll do great!”

4.) “You’re beautiful!”

5.) “What can I do to help you?”

6.) Do nothing.

7.) “May I touch your belly?” (as opposed to asking for a throat punch by just touching your belly without permission)

8.) “Let me make you some food.”

9.) “Congratulations!”

10.) “Can I look after your kids so you can get some rest?”

11.) “You’re going to love it!”

12.) “That’s so exciting!”

13.) “Do you need anything for the baby?”

14.) Walk on tiptoes.

15.) “Let me get that for you.”

16.) “Let’s go out for dinner so you don’t have to cook!”

17.) “You’ll be great parents!” or “You’ll be a great mom!”

pregnant, pregnancy18.) “I love you.” (This is usually reserved for the mama’s partner or close family member)

19.) “Eat whatever you want!”

20.) “How could I help after the baby is born?”

21.) Don’t make eye contact.

22.) “Let me give you a back rub.”

23.) “I’m so happy for you!”

24.) “Let me do the laundry for you.”

25.) “Let me do the dishes for you.”

26.) “Big families are great!”

27.) “How are you feeling?”

28.) “Trust your body.”

29.) “Your body was created to give birth!”

30.) “Let me buy you some tacos!”

31.) “Have you picked a name?”

32.) “Can I bring over some dinner? Coffee? Anything?”

33.) Say nothing.

Thank you to all the Birth Without Fear readers for these comments!


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