Positive Support for Pregnant Mamas with Breech Babies

birth without fear, breech birth, breech, frank breech, footling breech, pregnant, birth, childbirthI have written before how a breech baby is another variation of normal. Having a breech presentation does not mean you automatically need to schedule a c-section. Remember, our babies are wise and know just how they need to be for birth. Most of the time, babies will turn, even late in pregnancy and labor!!!  You can read my other post for more thoughts, support and ideas here.

I want to share a few breech birth videos for inspiration. My first baby was breech and everyone I talked to said, “Sure, you can have a vaginal breech birth, but if it goes bad, it will do so fast.” Not very encouraging. I had no where to turn to for POSITIVE support. I did have a c-section after doing everything I could to help baby turn. I had to fight for that opportunity.

So, if you are finding yourself pregnant with a breech baby that is not turning, you have our support and you do have options, one of them being cesarean birth.

As always, consult with your midwife or doctor and remember you can change providers. Assisting in breech deliveries has become a lost art, but there are those who are skilled and experienced in doing so.


  • Hannah

    My daughter was breech all the way up until 40+2, turned in the evening, and a little over 4 days later was born at home in water. I was planning an unassisted birth so I didn’t have anyone pressuring me to do anything at all to turn her. I just waited and expected to have my baby breech! But she knew what she was doing and eventually without any prompting on my part (except for some prodromal labor perhaps making her uncomfortable…) she turned. I agree, breech is just a variation of normal! And to be honest, I was ever so slightly disappointed that I didn’t get to experience the vaginal breech birth I had prepared so long for. Okay I admit, pretty relieved as well.

  • Jennie

    My daughter was born naturally breech. After weeks of Trying EVERYTHING under the sun to turn her she made her debut. I was very determined to have a natural child birth, but when I found out she was breech it was more you have an unproven pelvise soooo if she doesn’t turn c section. I had a great support from my midwives who explained all the options they found me a dr who would deliver breech first baby an hour away. We went to meet him he was great, but the day my daughter decided to be born we didn’t have the hour to get to the hospital. I called my midwife after my contractions were 3 minutes apart I met them at the affiliated hospital and after refusing the c section because I was naturally progressing and got to 9 cm by the time I was checked in we had a perfectly healthy baby girl! I can’t thank my midwives enough for the amazing experience I had with a breech birth 🙂

  • Tracie

    I delivered a frank breach baby girl on July 23rd. I had planned unmedicated birth, so I labored at home as long as possible before going to the hospital. When I finally got to the hospital, my water broke the second I walked in, they got me to a room and said “you are there, your a 9.” Then everything changed from there when the nurse asked another nurse for a second opinion. They agreed that was a butt and not a head. I was told whatever I do, don’t push. I was rushed to the OR and told I was going to have a C-section. My midwife and the on call Dr showed up a min later and I was told I had one push to get her out before they cut me open. There were 6 nurses, 3 NICU nurses, the doctor, my midwife all yelling push at me. I pushed her butt out and then lost steam. I saw the fear in the dr eyes as my baby started to lose oyogen and change colors. He started trying to shove her back inside me and pullEd me up on the table and put the gas mask on me. I guessed I find some strength in me I didn’t know I had. I pushed again and only her head was left, one final push and I delivered a beautiful baby girl, vaginally and unmedicated. She was born with dislocated hips and is in a brace for a couple of months, but she is perfect. I was lucky that the dr on call is one of the only ones that will attempt to deliver a breach baby but even then I got told how scary it is and if I have a second child, this would be watched carfully and if I had a breach baby again it would be a C-section.

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