• Supported Home Birth of 9th Child

    I have written this story over and over in my head. While I sleep. While I stare in amazement into very quiet beautiful eyes.  I have so much to say, but so little words.  I want to thank everyone who has been checking in on me for the past few weeks and all of you who have sent us such…

  • Finally! It’s Over! A Birth Story.

    My plans were to have an unassisted home birth and to not have any prenatal care. But plans don’t always work out. So at 36 weeks pregnant, after eating dinner, I feel water down my legs and freak out completely thinking oh crap my water broke, here I am with no house (living at the in laws between houses) got…

  • Midwife Assisted Hospital Birth Story Told to Baby

    Written by Audrey to Eliza The Story of Your Birth We were starting to think you would never come. Throughout my pregnancy I was convinced that you would be born before your due date. I should have known that meant you would be late: I had also been convinced first that I wasn’t pregnant and then that you were a…

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