• A Beautiful and Positive Birth Story

    Friday September 17, 2010 I wake up feeling a strong contraction and peel open my eyes to see what time it is; it’s 5:30, right on time. Every morning for the past 2 weeks I have woken up with an alarmingly-full bladder that instigates a fierce pattern of “rushes” for the following hours of the day, and today is no…

  • A Sacred Birth After Two Miscarriages

    Noah was born on February 25, 2012 My husband and I started trying to conceive shortly after getting married. We tried for several years, to no avail. Being very health conscious and into natural healing modalities, we decided to address this challenge by improving our diets and lifestyles, and I started doing regular acupuncture and taking herbs. Slowly but surely…

  • When Annie Came Into the World: A Dad’s Perspective Birth Story

    I was socializing downstairs over at Rachel’s aunt’s house when Kris yelled downstairs, “Tucker… Rachel’s water broke”.  Not believing her statement because,  for one, she said it nonchalantly, and second, it was a week before the due date, I yell back “OK Kris”.  I share a chuckle with Ryan who was under the same impression as I about the legitimacy…

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