• A Million Ways to be a Good Mother

    I remember the reaction I had when I first read this quote long ago. With all the ‘mommy wars‘ on social media and division among women (which makes me deeply sad), this quote sums up how I feel so simply. There is no perfect way to be a mother, but my goodness there are a million ways to be a good…

  • The Pregnancy Glow

    You know what it is, but it’s hard to describe or explain. Maybe pictures would be a better way? OK, maybe I am just looking for a reason to share more awesome maternity pictures with you! In all seriousness though, the pregnancy glow is real! It isn’t just an old wives tale. From Dr. Sears… “The glow that others notice…

  • The Beauty of Pregnant Women

    I recently wrote a the Unique Shape of a Mother for Plus Size Mommy Memoirs. I often receive emails from women saying they don’t feel pretty or they feel too big or someone made a rude comment to them and they are down. Here are some BWF women. They are nothing, but absolutely stunning. They are creating life within their…

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