The Pregnancy Glow

You know what it is, but it’s hard to describe or explain. Maybe pictures would be a better way? OK, maybe I am just looking for a reason to share more awesome maternity pictures with you!

In all seriousness though, the pregnancy glow is real! It isn’t just an old wives tale. From Dr. Sears

“The glow that others notice (though you may not) isn’t just a sentimental old wives’ term. This facial shine actually has a biological basis. The increased volume of blood causes the cheeks to take on an attractive blush, because of the many blood vessels just below the skin’s surface. On top of this redness, the increased secretions of the oil glands give the skin a waxy sheen. The flushed face on many pregnant women is similar to the one non-pregnant people experience when they are excited, cry, or do anything that increases their heart rate (which pregnancy does constantly).”

Here are some pictures showing off that gorgeous glow.

By Earthside Photography

Sarah W. pregnant with her 4th child…

Samantha B. and her painted baby bump…

Rachel is the perfect example of having a pregnant glow in this picture…

beach maternity picture

Leslie embracing her pregnant body…

blue chair

Gorgeous picture of Melena…

maternity picture in the snow

I think Krista’s pictures are perfect to wrap up this post…

The American Pregnancy Association has this to say about our special glow…

“When you are pregnant your body produces 50% more blood, resulting in more blood circulation through your body. This increase in blood circulation causes your face to be brighter. Your body is also producing a fair amount of hormones that cause your oil glands to work in over drive, leaving your face shiny. Both of these things can result in the “pregnancy glow” you have heard of.”

So enjoy it mamas and don’t forget to smile!  “A smile is the best makeup any girl can wear.” ~Marilyn Monroe

*All pictures owned by the photographers or mothers. Please do not use or copy without permission.


  • Samantha

    Wonderful pics! Thank you for sharing mine (though I feel it pales in comparison to the other gorgeous mamas!). I loved my baby bump and I was so excited to show it off whenever I could. 🙂 I missed it when it was gone…though a wonderful, cute, squishy baby was a good trade. 🙂

  • Rae

    I’ve got some ‘Glowy’ pictures of myself at about 22 weeks. It was funny, I was actually helping a photographer friend of mine experiment with lighting, hah!

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