• Cesarean Birth Trauma and then VBAC {2 Stories}

    My first birth C-section and disrespect. I never doubted my body’s ability to give birth. I guess that is why I didn’t think I needed to research my birth options. My mother gave birth vaginally, her mother, my other grandmother had 10 children vaginally, all the way back to my great great grandmother who had six sets of twins vaginally…

  • Walked the Baby Right Out {A VBAC Story}

    (I requested my hospital records and added details in brackets to my story from those records) ~Goldie My first born son, Rafi, was born via c section after 36 hours of back labor and 3 hours of pushing in August of 2009. Rafi was in the occiput transverse position (facing my hip) when they pulled him out, and the reasons…

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