Daddies Can Catch Babies Too

Daddies Can Catch Babies Too

home water birtj

home water birth

The birth of sweet Huckleberry through pictures can be seen here (the play button is at the bottom in the tree). He was caught by his father while his brother Sawyer watched closely by. The most amazing morning of my life! ~Autumn Snow

*Photography by Jessica at One Tree Photography


5 thoughts on “Daddies Can Catch Babies Too

  1. My sweet girl’s daddy did–all by himself! It was a surprise, and I think he would have died from shock had his heart not been so healthy, but he did a great job and really bonded the three of us like nothing else!

  2. My husband caught our son and we were at a birth center. Everyone was impressed that he wanted to do it because I guess most women either caught their babes themselves or had the provider or nurse do it. It made perfect sense to us though! I cut the cord after it stopped pulsing. Love these pics and love to hear about other daddies catching their babes! <3

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