Tattoos, Birth and Babies

Wait…tattoos? What do tattoos have to do with birth and babies? Well, people with tattoos have babies too! Every time I see a maternity, birth or newborn picture with the mom or dad tatted up, I think it’s awesome. Really though, it’s when I see a picture of a tattooed daddy supporting his woman during labor. Love it. Apparently I’m not alone. Here are some wonderful pictures from our BWF Community! Enjoy!

“The only picture of my labor and birth, because my little man decided he wanted to come NOW! Midwife took the picture a few minutes before he was born as my photographer, video recorder and anyone else I was going to have at the birth didn’t make it in time. Zachary Payne, born may 8th 2011 weighing 9 pounds 8 oz.” ~Marissa&Jason

I am fortunate enough to know this beautiful mama. She shared these pics by



tattoo daddy

This one is by Silvia Johnson & BMJ Events


“This is at about 4 weeks old, our “new born pics” of our daughter. I LOVE the strength it shows, yet with all the gentleness in the world. She is so comfortable that she is yawning.” ~Abby


Elizabeth & Baby Utah on 1.5.11


Meaghan sent these in of her baby bump, and of her and her hubby bonding with baby.

pregnant woman


(This might be one of my favorites)

Alex sent this in with the following description: ” It was taken when my daughter, Cassaundra Rose, was about a half hour old following my first homebirth (3rd baby) on 9/23/11.  I spent a lot of time reading in the weeks leading up to my daughter’s birth.  This was my 3rd baby but my husband’s first (second marriage for me) and the last time I had done this was 10 years ago at a birth center.  I was definitely starting to feel nervous leading up to the birth and your website and Facebook page were a huge help.  In the end the birth was my fastest yet, with my biggest baby, and absolutely wonderful!”


“Here’s my husband Josh supporting me in labor, sporting his tattoos. I love them too!” ~Ingrid


This mama sent in the following picture saying, “I have many more tattoos than this but its one of the better birth pics I have 🙂 a home water birth. Daddy has almost 2 full sleeves and has a lot more!”


Sent in by Tiffany…


birthing ball and tattoos


This is a good friend of mine at 32 weeks pregnant. I have always loved her tattoos!

Ashley being supported by her husband while laboring in the water…

water birth

“These are all taken within the first hour after she was born. This was 3 1/2 years ago at a water birth center in Oregon. She was born out of the water though.” ~Karah

“This is the only picture I have from our accidentally freebirth, and of course, you can see one of my 9 tattoos :)” ~Becky

Stephanie sent this picture of her husband Travis with their son Odin Torrance. Love the big papa bear cuddling his baby.


Sarah sent these in and I couldn’t pick a favorite! She’s a c/s mommy, so doesn’t have any of her tattoos showing (and she’s not fond of the after birth pic of her, but I think she’s amazing), but here are some of her hubby’s!



Jess shares this picture of her in labor…

home birth
Ashley is another c/s mama, so shared this one of her hubby and newborn bonding.

hospital birth

“The first photo is great not only because it has mine and my husband’s tattoos, but also our doula’s (the date is wrong).
The second photo is awesome, but my husband’s hand is somewhat covering my tattoo.” – Jessica Kelso



We’ll wrap up with Shannon’s pictures. The support of her husband just melts my heart! “From Malachi’s homebirth 5/18/11 (my first baby).”

Thanks again to everyone that sent in your pictures. I added as many as I could to this post. If you did not see your picture, I apologize and plan on doing another post in the near future!


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