Undisturbed Birth is Safe Birth

by Birth Without Fear on November 21, 2011

I saw this on the Invisible Midwives Facebook page the other day. Simple, probably said before, and true.

‘There are those that will make you believe birth is dangerous, not to be trusted and that your body does not work. That you need interventions, the saving of a Doctor and that you won’t be able to handle the pain. There are those that thrive on tearing women down and wanting you to believe that if you choose to have a physiological normal, natural and vaginal birth that you are putting your baby at risk’.

Nothing in life is guaranteed or perfect and people will jump on anything that does not go perfect in a birth outside of the hospital and spew venom and hate and say, ‘see all out of hospital birth is dangerous and you are a neglectful and horrible mother for choosing to do so.

These same people (friends, family, media, strangers, and those on the internet) do this while ignoring all of the complications, deaths and trauma caused in hospital births. They twist statistics for their own gain and when they are done chewing you up and spitting you out, they don’t care how you are left to feel, birth or anything else for that matter.

Well, I am here to tell you that BIRTH IS NORMAL, BIRTH IS AS SAFE AS LIFE GETS, BIRTH IS AWESOME, and YOUR BODY KNOWS HOW TO BIRTH YOUR BABY. That medical intervention is wonderful when needed and most of the time it is not. That having support and a qualified person available is a wonderful blessing and right that women should always have. You are a wonderful mother for birthing how you know is best. That listening to your gut and getting help with needed and not having it when you don’t need it are both good and OK. Complications arise just the same, actually more, from interventions than from undisturbed birth.

Why others care so much how you birth your baby is mind boggling. Why others do not want women and babies to own their bodies, their choices and to birth how we are meant to and to have what is rightfully ours to have, is disappointing to say the least. Do not let the world (or anyone in it) tell you otherwise. It is your body, your birth and your baby and you are responsible for all of the above, no one else. So do what you know is best and OWN THAT.

It seems everything has to have a disclaimer these days. That everyone has to say, ‘in most cases’ and ‘this is what I think, but get an opinion of a medical professional’ and ‘what’s right for me may not be right for you’. The reality though? Birth is as safe as life gets people. It’s NORMAL and nothing in life is perfect. Ever. Birth is not a medical event (in most cases though, right?). People slam me for saying cosleeping is normal, birth is normal and safe, breastfeeding is normal, etc. I am told I’m irresponsible for supporting women in their birth rights (how dare I) and I am an idiot for my beliefs. Yes, a woman with a college education, married to a husband with a graduate degree, who has had two cesareans, formula fed a baby, bottle fed another baby and even has used a crib! I’m so evil. I’ve also gone on and birthed 3 babies vaginally, breastfeed and cosleep. It’s my journey and I’m still on it, but want to support others on their journeys too.

I support birth, I know that unhindered birth is safe, I know that when women listen to themselves and have the right support, their births are uncomplicated. I know that interventions cause more harm than good. I know there is a time and place to have medical help and have and will get it when needed. I know that love and support go much further than hate. I believe in, support and love all of you.

Undisturbed birth is safe birth. Simple. True.

*Thank you Suzi for sharing your picture with us!


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