Question: Pregnant w/Twins, Doctor Wants Interventions, NHS Midwives Don’t Have Training…

by Birth Without Fear on December 21, 2011

Emma emailed me with the following question and could use the support and suggestion of the BWF Community:

“I’m expecting fraternal twins in March. Was planning a home birth from before we even knew it was twins (my 3 previous children were hospital births – straightforward but with drugs). I felt strong enough after enough research to continue with the home birth should everything be straight forward.

However as the weeks have passed, conversations with my community midwife and an appointment with the consultant at the hospital have really put their doubts in me. Basically the community midwife suggested as none of the other midwifes on the community have twin experience, that I go in to the hospital and talk to the consultant and come to a compromise as they may be willing to ‘let me’ keep everything natural and then I am in the best place should a problem arise.

So I do, and he just wants me continuously monitored, epidural, IV, hands on etc.

We’ve considered an independent midwife, but will really struggle to afford this, and the nearest IM with twin birth experience is 1 1/2 hours away and was reluctant to take me on as its a fourth pregnancy and twins, and her main concern was getting to me in time.

So now my limited choices are birth at home with a fight with the NHS midwifes who have no twin experience, or go into hospital &  just try to be clear that I don’t want interventions, (I do have a doula who will speak up for me), or pay for an IM in our area that also has no twin experience then risk paying thousands when if I go into labour before 37 weeks won’t attend me anyway. Any and all advice would be welcome. Are there any other mums of twins who birthed at home in UK?.”

If you can help this mama out, please leave a comment!


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