The Heart Shaped Placenta

by Mrs. BWF on February 2, 2012

Placentas are on my mind. Why you ask? Well, this will explain it and this will show you how rad placentas are. I agree that placentas can be a little ‘gross’ to look at if you can’t handle looking at blood or any other human organ. That’s what it is…a life sustaining organ that is essential to our development and survival!

Then Rachel sent me an email with this, “Its the coolest placenta I’ve ever seen. It was perfectly heart shaped. She was over 2 weeks late with her 6th child and her placenta still looked perfect and healthy!”

If this doesn’t capture the pure beauty of what the placenta stands for, nothing will.

New! I was recently sent  in a few more pictures a rare, heart shaped placenta!

This one belongs to Cassia…


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