The Heart Shaped Placenta

Placentas are on my mind. Why you ask? Well, this will explain it and this will show you how rad placentas are. I agree that placentas can be a little ‘gross’ to look at if you can’t handle looking at blood or any other human organ. That’s what it is…a life sustaining organ that is essential to our development and survival!

Then Rachel sent me an email with this, “Its the coolest placenta I’ve ever seen. It was perfectly heart shaped. She was over 2 weeks late with her 6th child and her placenta still looked perfect and healthy!”

If this doesn’t capture the pure beauty of what the placenta stands for, nothing will.

New! I was recently sent  in a few more pictures a rare, heart shaped placenta!

This one belongs to Cassia…


  • Sara

    I was over two weeks late with my 6th child. The midwives were amazed at how huge my placenta was and how very healthy it looked. I suppose, when growing a 10 lb 6 oz baby, one needs a nice fat healthy placenta. I wish someone had taken a picture of mine. Crazy, but true. It was remarkable. 🙂

  • indy

    My baby was born 5 weeks ago in a home birth and we had a heart shaped placenta. I think they look gross but I think the function of placentas are so great and important for life, that it really doesnt matter their look. My family burried it in our backyard, we felt throwing it away in the trash can was not right.

    • Donna Peele

      My 5th child a little 5 pound boy , was two weeks over due was born with a perfect beautiful heart placenta. He was born at St. Joseph hospital in Tacoma Wa. On February 8th 2005. He was and still is the most beautiful kid! I believe there extra special from God!

  • Rebecca Binford

    I had a heart shaped placenta and my cord was attached only by membrane and I can’t recall what they called this. There is a name for it? Hmm. Anyway, I had a very traumatic home birth transfer (not related to the placenta) but clearly i never had the ability to research this until now, much more spiritually healthy – less heart broken state.

  • carri barnes

    I found out I was pregnant last December with our second child. I was told that I should end the pregnancy as there was only a 10% chance I would carry the baby full term. On August 6, 2012 I had a csection, our little girl was born and my placenta was heart shaped. My doctor thinks she is a out right miracle!

    • Cindy N.

      I gave birth to my third baby, first girl, 4 weeks ago, and the nurse said I delivered a heart shaped placenta. I didn’t believe her until my husband took the pictures. It was such an amazing experience that I can’t wrap my mind around how a placenta can be shaped other than round or oval. I’m online looking for spiritual meanings but have found nothing. Nonetheless, it was cool to look at.

  • Taylor T

    I just have birth to my first baby, a girl, and my husband and midwife said I had a perfectly heart-shaped placenta. He didn’t take a picture in time and I didn’t get to see it. It’s amazing to see pictures of others though. 💛

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