Women’s Rights to Choose Being Stripped Away

by Mrs. BWF on June 21, 2012

Here’s the problem with this…it TAKES AWAY WOMEN’S CHOICES. Our right to birth where and how we choose is being stripped away from us…here and now.

I have a HUGE problem with this. I actually birthed my first VBA2C baby in AZ, so I am all too familiar with the issue this causes. This leaves women to birth in unfriendly VBAC hospitals or possibly have an unprepared for unassisted birth. Nope, don’t like that at all.

If you take away a woman’s choice, you back her into a corner. That’s not safe or healthy for anyone. There are competent midwives that can assist and attend to these women! Taking away their right to do so is dangerous in my opinion. Midwives have the ability to assist women in birthing safely at home or letting her no when that is no longer an option.

I personally know that having a supported VBAC in an Arizona hospital is very, very difficult. By taking the midwives out of the picture, it is leaving women to have traumatic hospital VBAC‘s or unassisted births when they are not prepared to do so.

Have strict education and guidelines for midwives. Allow midwives to carefully attend VBAC’s and twin home births. Have VBAC friendly and baby friendly hospitals, teach midwives and doctors once again how to safely assist vaginal breech births. Give women MORE choices so that they have the right to choose a safe birth for themselves and their babies. Take action and support change.



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