Encapsulating Placenta for PPD…One Mother’s Experience

by Mrs. BWF on July 11, 2012

Sent in by Cynthia.

“My son Joseph was born May 7th, 2011-  and after a slight battle with the hospital, I was able to keep my placenta. Didn’t know why I wanted it, just knew I did and I would figure it all out later. I froze our placenta and honestly, pretty much forgot about it. Around 11 months post partum I started feeling like I was “falling apart”. I couldn’t calm myself and had some anxiety issues.

Out of the blue, my doula called and said “Hey, so I was thinking we really should encapsulate your placenta!” After a mess of tears and counsel, I was convinced it wasn’t too late and I could still reap the benefits. I was SO GRATEFUL. Not to mention, excited! I did it all by myself with my doula as a guide and a source of encouragement. I was so proud. Empowered! It was one of the best experiences of my life.

It felt empowering, because I didn’t have to ask a doctor to find a prescription, or a therapist, to help me. I had what God, my body, and my baby provided! I couldn’t believe I was able to create these amazing pills myself. Maybe that’s naive, but it’s not something I had ever seen in my life- the freedom to use one of my own organs to help myself! It even sounds amazing! Thank goodness I saved my placenta!! I felt a difference after a few weeks of taking the pills. I could TRUST my body. MYSELF. That’s pretty powerful and cool.”


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