Unassisted Birth of a Rainbow Baby

by Mrs. BWF on August 16, 2012

“These pictures were taken by my hubby literally about 2 or 3 minutes after birth. This is our 5th baby (all girls) and she’s a rainbow baby. We’ve experienced 4 losses over the years, with the last one being just 4 months before we got pregnant with Baby J.

My last birth with baby #4 was a traumatic one that left me with PTSD for about a year. After lots of prayer, research, and soul searching I knew the best decision was for us to birth at home, unassisted. This was our first home birth, first unassisted birth, and first water birth.

Depending on which dates you use (my conception date or the first ultrasound date), I was between 41wks 5d and 42wks when Baby J decided she was ready to come earthside. Labor was about 78 1/2 hours total with the last 29 1/2hrs of that with waters leaking/broken. While labor itself was long, pushing was quick and she was out within a minute.

I had hoped to go “overdue“- call me nuts lol, and was so grateful to have gotten my wish. The birth itself was amazing and everything was┬áso healing for me.

As BWF says- unassisted birth isn’t for everyone and I can’t endorse it, but for us it was the best decision we could have made for our daughter’s birth and I will cherish the memories forever!”

I can not get over their little girl’s eyes right after birth. She is so aware and looks to be incredibly wise.

Her ‘all knowing’ look on her face and the cord still attached. Amazing.


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