Less Blogging, No Facebook, Homeschooling and Pinterest

by Mrs. BWF on October 17, 2012

ETA: I wrote this a few months ago and did not follow through. In the past few days I decided to do what I knew what right for me. I want to help everyone and while that’s noble, I tend to not help myself. I’m very good at forgetting about me so I can take care of and support others. I love Birth Without Fear. Of course I do. I started it! However, it began with the sole purpose of informing women they have other birth options when I realized so many women just did not know.

BWF grew and grew and that’s amazing, but I feel part of my purpose was lost in the world that is Facebook and it just sucked me in and took me for a ride. I am taking control again in many aspects of my life, including BWF. The source of info is here, in this blog. This is where I can serve others, speak up, educate, support…in my own healthy way. Please support me in this new chapter. It’s hard to let go of things sometimes, but really when it’s right, it will open up so much more.

My oldest daughter (9 years old) gave me a high 5 when I told her I was off FB. I will continue on with the BWF Blog with her enthusiasm! I hope that many of you will continue to read an share.

Love, January

I want to keep my last blog post up forever, but I have the itch to blog. I have been off of Facebook for over a week now. I love it. Really, I do. You might be surprised to know that I am actually not a fan of most social media. I somehow ended up with a big social media page and Blog. It was an outlet for me at a time I needed it and a way for me to reach out and help others while staying home with the kids. However, it no longer benefits the need for an ‘outlet’. Actually it suffocates me, drains me and leaves me feeling worn out.

In moving away from FB the last 10 days or so, I have been amazed at the change my daily life has taken. It is simply eye opening how much time I really do have when not fussing with trying to get enough posts out or babysit threads. All of the things I have said I don’t have time for…well, now I do!

I still love to write, share and support. I still plan on posting birth stories, informative posts, opinion pieces, pictures and more. I just want to do it on a schedule that is healthy for me. And that is OK!

Homeschooling is where we are right now. I am not a zealous homeschooler that thinks those that do not do so are uncaring parents, raising evil kids. Actually if we lived by a good school, my kids would be there. However, we have found ourselves in a situation where homeschooling is best (for now). I am not a teacher. I am a mother. I am intelligent and caring. I can do this. I have time to do this (now). It is amazing. I am learning so much about myself, finding a love for learning, and teaching. My kids are enjoying all the interaction with mom.

I am more organized. I am content. I am satisfied. I am happy.

My healthier ‘outlet’ is Pinterest. I can go on there and spend 5 minutes or an hour, depending on if I have the time and if kids are in bed. I love Pinterest. First, it’s jut uplifting and beautiful. The pictures all posted together can be so inspiring. Also, I can gather great information for all interests in my life and I apply them! I love that I can share blog posts, websites and more without debates. Without getting sucked in. It is a great solution and happy medium.

So, I am here. I still care. I still want to inform and support women in their birthing choices. I have strong opinions, but support all women’s educated choices. I am homeschooling. I have time and am more organized. I do not miss Facebook and I love Pinterest.

Follow me on Pinterest here. I will be sharing/posting new blog post only there for now. You can also subscribe to the BWF Blog. Those are the two ways you can make sure to see new posts, birth stories and more.

With love from me to you,

January (Mrs. BWF)

P.S. A new birth story to come soon…


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