Lose the Post Partum Pounds Dancing to Kid DVD’s…

Lose the Post Partum Pounds Dancing to Kid DVD’s…

Not kidding.

So, I’ve had a lot more free time the last week being off Facebook. It’s been rad. Really. My days are low stress with extra time to focus on things I like to do (read, play with kids, make yummy food, blog) and even for things I don’t like so much (cleaning anyone?!).

One of the things I’ve needed to work on for the last year is the weight I gained post partum {you read that right} because of severe post partum depression.

I haven’t done a damn thing about it and I’m unhealthy…really unhealthy. However, I have a great excuse. I have 5 kids. Oh no, I have more. I live in an area that is not pleasant to walk outside. And I have 5 kids. I own a chiropractic office. I blog. I have a very busy church calling. I have 5 kids. But, but, but.

You get the point.

So today, after sharing and pinning some posts on Pinterest, making food, cleaning up, texting hubby to see how it was going with patients, I turned on the Wiggles for the baby because he is their BIGGEST fan. Instead of finding other things to do like I usually do, I decided to hang out with my boys (ages 19 months and 7).

We didn’t just watch the Wiggles. We partied with them!

See…not kidding! For 30 minutes I danced like a monkey, made fruit salad, hammered things, did the shakey shakey and just had a wiggly fun time. WHAT. A. WORKOUT. Knee lifts, squats, turns, arms all over the place. I worked up a sweat and felt the burn.

And I laughed. My 7 year old had a blast doing dances with mom and my 19 month old got down and giggled and roared. (We had a lot of tickle time too).

I definitely got a workout today. To a Wiggles DVD. With my kids.

Move on over Jillian Micheals. This mama found a new way to have fun with her kids and get a workout in! I highly recommend it!


4 thoughts on “Lose the Post Partum Pounds Dancing to Kid DVD’s…

  1. Fantastic! I always say that Play School is a workout, all the singing and dancing, my almost-4year old (and I) love that I remember all the words and moves still LOL We’re Wiggles fans too, hmmm, maybe I’ll just have to schedule in some daily morning dvd time more regularly 🙂

  2. I’ve done that many times as well, helps the kids burn off that excess energy too! I didn’t realize you were lds; can I call you Sister BWF? 😉

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