3rd Child, First Unmedicated Birth

by Birth Without Fear on November 8, 2012

My first birth was a disaster at another hospital, I didn’t know much. I felt nothing due to a heavy epidural. When my son was born I was very detached. My second child was born at  a super baby friendly hospital with a super baby friendly OB and her birth was perfect. I did have an epidural but it was “light” . I felt a lot and after I had her I was able to walk around.

This boy, my 3rd was my first surprise unmedicated birth.  He came in 4 hours, they didn’t believe I was in labor because my contractions weren’t coming up on the monitor.  I went from 5 to 8 cm in about 15 minutes and from 8 cm to giving birth in about 20 minutes.  It was painful, I’m not going to lie. I was not prepared and transition really kicked my butt mentally.  I had an amazing nurse help me get my head back together and got me through it.

While I was in transition I thought of all my Facebook friends and those on BWF who had given birth naturally before me.  That is the beauty of the internet, you can channel the experiences of people you don’t even personally know.

Then out he came, and my husband captured this as I cried, because the pain was over. I did it and he was beautiful (and a whole POUND and 2 oz bigger then my heaviest child at 8lbs 8oz).

My husband captured it on his Blackberry, we didn’t have a photographer.  This is my 3rd child, his name is James.



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