Young Mother Becomes Informed & Chooses Natural Water Birth

by Birth Without Fear on December 6, 2012

I was seventeen years old when I found out I was pregnant. My plan was to have a medicated birth at a hospital. My boyfriend, Drew’s older sister’s, had natural births themselves. They showed me the Infinity Birthing Center and they opened my eyes to so many options. The midwives and staff there educated me on everything that I was very ignorant of regarding childbirth. I didn’t think of any options of having my baby girl except the standard way that “everyone” does. So after being educated on my all of my options I decided to have an all natural birth at the birthing center. But I was still keeping my mind open to a water birth.

On September 18th, 2012 I was awoken at 1 am with strong and painful contractions. I had been having Braxton Hicks for a few weeks prior. When I felt these, I knew it was the real deal. For the next 3 1/2 hours I was on the phone back and forth with my midwife, Annie. It was around 4:30 am when she said we should head down to the birthing center. So my boyfriend and I grabbed the car seat, the bags, and headed out
the door.

When we got to the birthing center Annie had checked me and said I wasn’t in active enough labor to be admitted into the labor floor. At the birthing center you were only allowed to be admitted for 24 hours before they bring you to the hospital- even if nothing is wrong- so they try to not admit you too early. So my boyfriend and I ended up walking for the next twelve hours to keep progressing my labor. At around 4:30 pm I was admitted to the birthing suites.

Once admitted my dad, step mom, and Drew’s sisters all came to help me through my contractions, support me in my decision of natural birth, and welcome my daughter, Maddison, into the world.

It was around 8 pm when my midwife suggested I get into the bathtub to help with labor pain. I listened and I am so glad I did. The tub definitely helped me relax and have a little bit easier time pushing through contractions. I was in so much pain and exhausted that I was falling asleep in the tub.

I was almost asleep when I had a burst of energy bolt through my body. I shot my head up and said “I need to push.” Annie checked me and said I could. She had me on my hands and knees and ready to go. With my boyfriend on one side and one of his sister’s on the other they helped me push my daughter out.

At 11:07 pm we welcomed Maddison Renee into the world. I let Maddison float under the water for a minute or two. But those short moments are forever engraved in my mind. Her staring up at me, arms moving slowly,  me staring down at her and falling completely in love.

Maddison’s birth has inspired me to become a doula. I am now on my way to becoming certified. I want to educate other young pregnant women of options they don’t know about- like I didn’t. I am so proud that I was able to have a water birth. It’s so empowering to go through a natural labor and birth. ~Sent in Meagan J.


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