Home Breech Birth 2003

Well, this photo is of my planned breech home birth in 2003. My little girl is still very cautious and likes to “test the waters” before jumping into anything.


I was 38 weeks when my midwife discovered a little head under my ribs. I did all the visualizations, yoga inversion poses, wore bells low down, etc. to get her to turn, but she was determined to stay where she was. I did not want to do an ECV (External Cephalic Version, a procedure to turn the baby) as I felt there was a reason she wanted to be that way, so I didn’t.

My midwife discussed all of my options with me and I did agreed to an ultrasound (my first ever in 3 pregnancies) and negotiated by my midwife so she felt comfortable about the position. I knew the whole time that we would be absolutely fine and kept reassuring my poor nervous midwife. I felt most comfortable at home and knew the hospital environment was not an optimal birthing space for me. I chose not to tell anyone about what I was doing as I knew the reactions I would have received would not be positive.

My midwife was an incredible educator and lent me many books to read so I had a full understanding of the physiology of breech birth and of the maneuvers she may need to use if necessary. We discussed and negotiated many other things along the way and worked together with some compromises so we were both happy with the situation.

This labor was a bit slower than the others and very gentle (the bottom is a lot softer than the head so there was not the same pressure on the cervix), I spent most of it walking, climbing cliffs to waterfalls and being outside by the fire. After ten hours, I went into the birthing pool (cow trough) and began second stage. I found the pushing more challenging than my other births, however in the end I birthed my baby who was born doing the splits with the longest umbilical cord ever ( I still feel if I had done the ECV she could have knotted her cord)

I am so grateful to the wonderful midwife who allowed me to birth at home. The experience was empowering and inspiring and I hope more people come to realize that breech is a variation of normal.

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