The VBAC High

The VBAC High

This is what a VBAC high looks like! Not just for mom, but dad as well. Accomplishing something that was fought so hard for. This pictures caputres the VBAC moment so well.

Melissa Cate Photogarphy says, ” The first birth mama pushed 4 hours in the hospital on her back with an epidural, and even though she was getting fairly close, the doctors told her 4 hours was the limit and they had to section her. So she had a c-section. This little VBAC baby was 2 pounds bigger and 2 inches longer then her older sister, and was a beautiful waterbirth.”

5 thoughts on “The VBAC High

  1. So beautiful, I will be a VBAC if we have another (and that is the plan) and I am so excited. Mine was a surprise breech. This photo is so inspiring to me! Thank you for sharing.

  2. Yay! I am SO hoping for a successful VBAC when I deliver next summer. I’m a little scared, but I know that if my body allows, I can do it!!!

  3. It’s true! I’ve had 3 HBACs. There was nothing like the feeling when I realized that I actually did it! I didn’t really believe I could until I felt her come out.

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