Three Natural Births in Beautiful Australia

by Svea Boyda-Vikander on January 8, 2013

Michelle Powell from Bulli, NSW Australia, writes about the births of her three children:

I had my first precious daughter Kalani totally drug free in the hospital just one hour after arriving, having laboured as long as possible at home for a few hours. I was so fortunate to be allowed into a midwifery group program here in Australia. It is a FREE program for low risk pregnancies were you have your own midwife who does all prenatal appointments. And when you go home she comes to visit at home for the next two weeks! I couldn’t believe my luck when I was assigned the wonderful Ceri. We built such an amazing relationship.

When we found out I was pregnant again I called Ceri who put me straight on her list. My first pregnancy and labour were so wonderful I looked so forward to it when pregnant with my second daughter Talara and couldn’t wait for the empowerment of it all again!Unfortunately I came up strep B positive so home birth was not an option and in the end Talara decided to come just over three weeks early on Easter Sunday. Her being premature would have also prevented it. But she was another amazing and fast drug free labour.

Then the day I found out I was pregnant with my third bubba I very excitedly called Ceri informing her of the news! On my first appointment I told her how determined I was to have my home birth. So as the ending weeks drew near she had me on a regime of pro-biotics and garlic tablets and this time I tested negative and made it past the 37 week mark! I was just so excited that we were on track for our home birth!!!!!!!!!!!

Our son came 11 days early. My husband had come off night shift to me telling him that today was the day. I ordered him to bed knowing I would be needing him later. And with the close and caring watch of my now two and four year-old daughters, I began my labour until I called my MIL to come and get them. I felt that I wasn’t concentrating enough on my labour for it to really begin. After she left I jumped in the bath and my husband woke up to check on me. Then it really kicked in so I called Ceri to let her know it was nearly time (I had called her earlier to let her know to be ready). I went out onto our deck where the birds and butterflies were flittering around and the sheep and horses were grazing. It was pure bliss! I did all my labouring here with Ceri only checking on me a few times. In between contractions my hubby and I were laughing and chatting, it was just so relaxing. When I tell my friends that they call me crazy.

When I felt the urge to push I went inside to the area Ceri had prepared on the living room floor, and 10 minutes later I was holding my son!

Within an hour my girls came home to meet their new brother, Diesel. It was as if he had been there all along – it was such an easy transition. Ceri came for the next few days then every second or third day after that for the next two weeks.

I just can’t say enough positive things about this program and try to encourage my friends to go through it as well. My best friend did and also had Ceri for her two children. However, as strongly as I feel about drug-free, natural births, I also respect my friends’ and others’ birth choices. I realise that I am blessed to be able to have my babies the way I choose and that not every woman is as fortunate as I! I just love telling them my story and how amazing birth can really be, especially to first timers.

I am currently persuading my hubby to let us bring just one more babe into the family and if I get my way (which, just quietly, I’m sure I will) I will be planning another home birth. I can’t wait!



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