A Mother’s Letter to Her Unborn Baby {Part 1; Birth Story to Follow}

Amy Hayden shares, “I wrote a letter to my son before I birthed him, and just wrote this one to my next little one. I’d love to see other moms do the same.” Check back tomorrow for the story of this lucky baby’s birth!

“To my dear baby,

As our time of being connected as one draws to a close, I cannot help but think of how wonderful the past nine months have been. You’ve been active and playful, always amusing me with your very high kicks – often to my lungs and ribs! You’ve had hiccups at least five or six times lately which feels so funny and always amuses us! I have felt very intuitive about many things this pregnancy – that I was in fact pregnant, that my placenta was in the front, and I even have some thoughts about your size and gender, which I will keep to myself for now in case I am wrong 🙂

Let’s talk about labor and your birth! I want to bring you into this world as peacefully and as gently as I possibly can. I’ve read more and know more than I did last time. I trust my body to do what it was designed for and what it is capable of. I am not afraid! I want you to work with me, to move down gently and easily when it’s time! I will do everything in my power to calmly and gently deliver you! Daddy and I will be ready with open arms and open hearts to welcome you into our loving family.

We are so excited to see you for the first time! It will be amazing to learn who you are and what our family will be like with a fourth person to hold and to love. Your big brother cannot wait to see you and to teach you all the “big boy” things he knows. He has big plans for you 🙂

My hope is for the two of you to have a wonderful relationship and many shared stories and memories throughout your childhood. I want you to be a happy, healthy individual with your own ideas and dreams… and the courage to pursue them! You will have all the love and support in the world from me and Daddy, so dream big, reach for the stars, and be whoever God created you to be! I’m looking so forward to getting to know the amazing person whom I’ve been given the awesome and wondrous responsibility of nurturing and growing these past nine months. As Daddy cuts the cord to separate you from me, you will begin your journey on this earth as your very own person. And though you will no longer be a part of me, you will always be in my heart, for once I have carried you in my body a part of you will live in me forever.

I love you so very much – and have from the moment I first knew of your existence! Pregnancy is one of the most special times of my whole life and I have loved every minute we’ve shared. See you soon!

Always and forever, Mommy”


  • Amanda McLaughlin

    I did the same thing starting from the day I got my BFP. The only difference is that I chose to make mine a journal, not concentrating on my goals for labor and delivery, but my hopes and goals for him as his mommy and describe important events on his life so he will always have a record of them! I plan to continue it as long as I can, and then have it printed into a book for him as an older adult! My mother couldn’t have children, and I’m adopted but she kept a similar journal about wanting to adopt me and what my adoption process was like! I now have 29 entries for my 17 MO DS and plan to do the same for future children!

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