Breech Cesarean Birth {After Spontaneous Labour}

by Birth Without Fear on April 4, 2013

We knew at 34 weeks that Parker was frank breech. Every one kept saying she’d turn. I tried spinning babies exercises to turn her; every thing. I was desperate to have VB, so I agreed to the versions. Her butt was just stuck. It was so painful. The doctor moved her head from side to side, but she would never turn. He said he’d never had an unsuccessful go at it. Well I was his first. I went home heart broken but with hope that she would turn.

I was scheduled for a section on April 3rd. He could have done the week before, but I chose her birthday to be 4/3/12 (plus that’d give her some time). Husband and I moved into our new house that weekend. I set up our house, focusing specifically on baby stuff. I was distracting myself from the sadness I felt. Didn’t buy formula. Didn’t set up a crib. Just stalked the fridge and washed some nursing tops. That’s what I had planned on doing for a few weeks. Introducing my baby to a loving home, loving parents, and tons of boob juice.

I ended up going into labor on Monday, April 2nd. In the middle of an exciting National Championship for our beloved Kansas Jayhawks. I labored at home for a while, still hoping she’d turn. Finally at midnight we went to the hospital.

Parker Kate was born via c-section, at 2:26am, on a stormy Oklahoma night.

No family held her before me. No one saw her before me. Every one respected my wishes.

breech cesarean

breech cesarean after spontaneous labour

My birth story saddens me.┬áThis isn’t the birth I wanted, but I was scared. Parker is now a thriving almost one year old, and although her birth still haunts me from time to time, she was worth it. She’s happy, healthy, and absolutely beautiful (and still breast feeding/co-sleeping).


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