The Backwards Views of the World and Women {Facebook}

by Mrs. BWF on May 29, 2013

We recently shared this picture, sent in by Brooke, on our BWF Facebook page. It was so loved, but within one day it was removed from Facbook as a violation.

What does this violate? Being innately wonderful, beautiful and lovely? Being a girl?

removed picture crop

The child was not naked. We cropped it though, to make sure there were no issues. You can see nothing inappropriate at all. She is loving on her doll.

It’s walking a fine line to say that this is inappropriate because of the child without a shirt on. Should women and girls be hidden away just in case of someone who is inappropriate themselves? Should we be ashamed of what our bodies and our instincts innately tell us to do? Should we cover head to toe so as to give no man any ‘urges’? You see?  Saying that this is inappropriate is an issue to begin with because you are saying something so simple, natural and innocent is inappropriate, but you are making it an issue.

fb removes picture

In no way is it OK for children and women to constantly be shamed and hidden especially with what our bodies were meant to do. Anything natural or instinctual is ‘shameful’ in our society anymore. We fought hard to be treated as equals…now we have to fight to be birthing, loving, strong women. Birth Without Fear has been a target by many hateful people and by Facebook itself. Our posts are suppressed and we are asked to pay. Pictures are shared on BWF, which do not violate policies, are removed on a regular basis and ‘bans’ put on our admin’s profiles. We’ve had hundreds of emails sent in on our behalf with no response. We won’t stop. We are celebrating women, birth, supporting one another. We won’t be silenced by a social media. We are grateful to use this platform to share the blog posts and reach people (millions). We also are diligent in following Facebook’s terms of services. But still we have pictures like the one above removed along with birth, a placenta, or even a baby in a birth pool.

removed picture2

From Apple Blossom Families on April 3rd:

“Yesterday facebook blocked an image on the Birth Without Fear page, there is nothing offensive with that image, thousands of people agree. Permission was given by the parents and by the photographer to be used and shared on Facebook. Please put the image back on Birth Without Fear and reinstate January Birthwithoutfear’s account immediately. It would be nice if you would stop harassing Birth Without Fear, a page that supports THOUSANDS of women and families around the world.”

siblings FB removed

It gets old. Children are found offensive. Or hide kids in case of a pedophile. Well maybe women and female children should start covering in our country in case a man gets an urge. That is, unless it’s FOR sex or a product/TV ad.

fb banned again breastfeeding crop

It’s not a question of ‘what is our society coming to’? It’s a matter of what has our society become? We are already here. Women fought so hard for equality and guess what? We must again. We are at a point where we have to fight to not be shamed to be…a girl or a woman. We have to fight to not be ashamed for using our breasts to feed or comfort our children. To birth our children. To be comfortable in our own skin. We have to fight the stereotypes of pornography and what that is doing to our men and society. So, no matter how frustrating this is. Not matter how intensely I want to say screw you to Facebook or other social medias, I won’t. I will not be silenced. Back me into a corner and I will come out delivering throat punches (virtual ones I guess). That is what we must do mamas. Unite and stand strong. To simply be without prejudice.

***An hour after I shared this on Facebook, I received a notification that the picture has been removed again and my profile is on a 3 day ban. Disgusted by this sexist behavior. Rape and violence towards women and children is not removed on FB all the time, but this is?***

 3 day ban

banned again

And again…

fb ban 2

Removed twice (once today June 24th, 2014 and I’m on another 3 day ban)…

melissa cate ban

At this point, we’ve had too many bans to mention, but you can see more bans here and here. In the meantime I receive emails of pornography and nudity that is NOT removed by FB. It’s time for a change.


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