I Am Strong – MoMo Twins

I am strong, because the day the test finally said, “Schwanger” (pregnant) was the best day of my life.

I am strong, because I had a solid plan for a natural pregnancy and birth.

I am strong, because my seven week ultrasound showed two heart beats, but only one amniotic sac.

I am strong, because for two horrible weeks they were thought to be conjoined.

I am strong, because my pregnancy vocabulary expanded to include monoamniotic monochorionic, twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome, and cord entanglement.

I am strong, because I spent six weeks inpatient under intense monitoring.

I am strong, because I mourned my natural birth, but embraced my C-section.

I am strong, because I gave birth at 31 weeks and five days to beautiful, healthy boys.

I am strong, because I stayed another five and a half weeks in the hospital so I could room-in and bond with the boys.

I am strong because, although everyone said it wouldn’t be possible, we left the NICU exclusively breastfed.

I am strong, because in the hardest phase of my life, I chose love over fear, joy over sorrow, and was blessed with gifts greater than I could have ever imagined.



  • Tiffany

    I’m 14 weeks pregnant with Momo twins & just learned this news 6 days ago. A sweet friend sent me this post & I have read it over & over again. I’ve had 2 natural labors & deliveries & had been very excited to have that experience once again; however, I have come to accept a different journey this time. I’m choosing to trust God with the outcome & embrace the journey. This post makes me feel less alone. Thank you for sharing.

  • Susan bradley

    Thank you for posting this. My daughter 19 years old is pregnant for the first time and her babies are MoMo’s. She is 12 weeks along. Through the joy of knowing she is having twins there is such fear also. So much comfort in reading the happy endings to these very special babies! ❤️❤️

  • Stacy Cairns

    Thank you so much for sharing your story! I will be passing it on to my sister in law. She just recently found out about her MoMo twin pregnancy at her 10 week ultrasound. This is beautiful!

  • Amanda Biddle

    I just found out on Tuesday that I am pregnant with momo twins. I am 9 weeks pregnant now and this is my first pregnancy. After googling I am freaking out. If anyone has any ideas for support or more great stories like this please email me. I would love all the good vibes that I can get. Thank you

    • Melissa

      Hi Amanda, I’m a nutritionist who specializes in female hormonal health and nutrition, and pregnancy and nutrition. I’d highly recommend the book “When You’re Expecting Twins, Triplets, or Quads”. The doctor who wrote it specializes in multiple gestation pregnancies, and her nutrition advice is the best around. Her clinic has decades of research showing above average results for their mothers and babies. Please look it up!

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