I Am Strong {Young Mom with Hyperemesis Gravidarum}

by mamabearbri on July 8, 2013

This is daily living for me.

I’m currently 7 months pregnant, 19 and proud to soon be a mommy. My fiancé and I found out very early on this wasn’t going to be an easy pregnancy . When I was barely 6 weeks along the complications started coming and I was diagnosed with HG. Which is short for hyperemesis gravidarum. I went from 97lbs to 82 in a few weeks. I couldn’t eat, be in light, smell, be in heat, or tolerate any sort of stimulation without becoming sick.

Around my fifth month of pregnancy I had to get a picc line in my arm; it’s a long flexible tube that goes into my arm and drains near the heart. I had to have all my meds and fluids and nutrients through the picc daily.

I’m strong because even through all of this I’m still going and I’ve never regretted anything. Never became resentful. Never loved my child less.

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