The End of Pregnancy…Keepin’ It Real

Earlier in the week I wrote The End Of Pregnancy…Positive Thoughts. These affirmations have been helping me tremendously as I find peace in the last weeks of a long pregnancy. However, I did mention, that while I’ve been doing good at surrendering to this journey, I am human.

So, here is Mrs. BWF keeping it real in between thinking up positive thoughts.

“If I have to lay on my back one more second to put these babies to sleep, I’m gonna punch the wall!” (My 3 year old and 19 month old. Luckily Mr. BWF puts them to bed most of the time for me).

Then, when I lay on my sides, my hips hurt. I can’t win!

“Pregnancy makes everything harder.”

“Everything makes pregnancy harder.”

“Damnit. I am craving ‘xyz’ and I am going to go crazy until I get it.”

I am just not as patient of a mom when I’m pregnant. I feel bad that my children don’t get to have their sweet, laid back mommy for almost a year (and with 5 pregnancies in 7 years…it’s a lot).

“I can’t wait to get this freakin’ kid out of me.”

It took me 5 pregnancies to admit it, but I adore my babies, love empowering birth, but hate pregnancy.

If I don’t get a bath every night…well, you don’t want to be around me. It’s like clockwork now. Somewhere between 6-7 pm I crave it!

“Owwwwww, this hurts. My whole body just hurts. Please just let me give birth already!”

Although I’ve found peace in going through prodromal labor and waiting until baby is ready, knowing I have another few weeks of this is hard!

“This house better be clean when I go into labor. I think I’ll ask Mr. BWF to mop when I hit active labor.” haha

“I need a nanny to take care of my kids so I can do what I want for once!”

I can barely get into our minivan at this point. Tonight I yelled, “Son of a bitch!!!!!” It wasn’t easy.

I have to roll over onto all fours and let everything shift and settle before I can get out of bed. Mr. BWF finds this funny. I don’t.

So there ya go. That is me keeping it real. Do you still love me?


  • Mandy

    I hated being pregnant from 7 months on! The hip pain while laying on your side was the absolute worse and laying on your back makes you feel squished like you can’t breath. Ugh it was terrible. At least you get a great reward at the end. 🙂

  • Mel

    It took me one pregnancy to figure out that I don’t like it. 🙂 I always thought I’d be one of those women who loves it and it surprised the hell out of me when I realised that I was the exact opposite. To be fair, I do like the 2nd trimester. It’s when you get to feel the baby move for the first time and you get your energy back after wanting to sleep 24/7 and developing a very intimate relationship with the porcelain. By the time you get to the 3rd trimester, you feel tired all the time, can’t sleep well, can’t keep up with your toddler who knows it and makes the most of it while he can.

    Having said that, I’m glad I went through it both times, with all its ups and downs because I have two beautiful little boys who were both very much wanted and planned for. Given that I’ve had a few issues over the years with my reproductive organs, I was accepting of the fact that I may never have children, so it was a pleasant surprise for us that in spite of all that, I fall pregnant very easily.

  • Amber

    I spent the third and fourth month of my pregnancy with unrelenting ‘morning’ sickness, vomiting at least 12 times a day on a good day. I thought pregnancy was the worst thing in the world and tried very, very hard to convince my husband that it was not too late to get a surrogate. If they could clone cows, they must be able to give some other woman my uterus. LOL I hear ya mama!

  • Nakai

    Oh my! I read those and giggled cause as much as I love my kids and want another one desperately… I strongly dislike being pregnant, especially toward the end. The one about you having to wait for everything to “shift” before getting out of bed, I recall having to do that ALL the time. lol Not too much longer now though, soon pregnancy will be nothing but a distant memory as you gaze into the face of your sweet baby. 🙂

  • Jessie

    I actually like being pregnant (for now) but this statements are so true. I connected with the nanny one… <> and I think that even when I’m not pregnant! lol

  • Holly Wilson

    Absolutely! I was induced before I got to that point (one of the few that is actually medically necessary, though I pray it won’t happen again), and I’ve that means you’re getting close. To me, not getting sick a& tired of pregnancy was a reminder that I wasn’t didn’t get to “finish” being pregnant. And (crazy or not), I look froward to being sick & tired of being pregnant the next time around.

    • Mary Bennefield

      Awww …. Holly! I can relate to what you’re saying and I pray that the next time you get to complete your journey on your terms as well. (Even if that path leads you Willthisever Endsville which is located at the intersection of Swollenankles Blvd & Ijustwannabedone St.) LOL

  • Mary Bennefield

    (((Hugs))) Even more so …. it ain’t easy being totally upfront, forthcoming and honest but ya know what?! I respect you for it. Many people are so busy conforming to what they perceive to be acceptable by others that they lost themselves. You on the other hand choose to remain true to yourself even when others are less than supportive. You are one very powerful, strong woman and have my total admiration! Now, go forth and birth peacefully (*when it is time)! Happy gestating in the meantime ….

  • Mara

    I hear ya! It’s taken my third pregnancy to realize how different I am pregnant than not. like you, I have little patience but am working on it:) I’m about 25 weeks and have severe hip pain already (had it with both prior pregnancies). Also feeling a lot of pelvic pain/pressure this go around:( I told my husband I know I shouldn’t think this way, but at 25 weeks, I already feel this way and I’ve got 15+ weeks to go!! (I do tend to deliver right around due date). Oh well, we both know it’s work it and you are a heck of a lot closer than I:) Take care and keep the positive affirmations coming. I have had 2 wonderful home births that have been very long and painful…my favorite affirmation right now is “The pain of the contractions (and birth) can’t be stronger than me, for they are me.” For some reason, this really resonates with me…

  • Kayla Fenlaciki

    I stumbled across your blog and so glad I did. I was begining to think I was the only pregnant woman in the world that felt this way. People are rarely honest when it comes to their pregnancies. But I’m a few weeks away from FINALLY meeting my son and I’m just ready for it to happen today. Sleep doesn’t exisit for me, my 3 yr old daughter seems to push any/every button I’ve got…and to top it off most nights my husband stays downstairs on the couch cause I toss and turn to much for him to sleep. Ahhh pregnancy how wonderful you are lol

  • Brittany

    I used to crave a nightly bath at the end of my pregnancies as well it was my only comfort during those hard everything hurts lets just get this kid out of me phase. I still love ya

  • Stephanie

    I miss that nightly bath so much…
    Not much longer now mama! Thank you for showing us your “dark side” lol you always seem so calm and collected. 😉

  • Amy

    Still love ya – more, because of this:
    It took me 5 pregnancies to admit it, but I adore my babies, love empowering birth, but hate pregnancy.

    It only took me 3. I love my kids, I wouldn’t trade them for anything in the world, and in some ways wouldn’t trade my birth experiences for the world. But damnit, I hate being pregnant.

  • Jen

    Yes I still love you and adore your honesty!! I’m so glad to have your blog to read 🙂

    Call me crazy but I loved my pregnancy. I can see though how it will be much harder the second time around with a little one to divide my time between.

    Best wishes,
    Jen (a.k.a. Plus Size Mommy Memoirs)

  • Tamara Curry

    I can SOO appreciate this! Something I found about sleeping in the end was to lie on my back or side and then throw one or both legs over my fiance. (If lying on your right side, either throw both legs over your partner in front of you or just your left leg over him/her behind you.) It helped take some of the pressure off my back and hips. He laughed at me, but after a while it was pretty much routine. I often moved around in my sleep, and if I woke up not in that position and was uncomfortable I switched to it. Depending on your particular hip or back pain one will work but the other won’t. Throwing one instead of both helps when you need to open up your hips. <3 <3

  • Michelle

    I really dislike, quite possibly hate being pregnant, and I have found few people who agree with least who will admit it. I try to stay positive but sometimes thinking that it’s all my fault for having difficult pregnancies (and/or will be my fault if something unmentionable happens) because I really have no patience with all this sickness, these aches and pains, NO SLEEP, heartburn,chasing a 2 year old, and such pregnancy crappyness. I love/desperately want my baby, just here now in my arms happy and healthy instead of incubating in my big round tummy that I have no more shirts that will cover….I’m 35 ish weeks and if this lil one follows her big brothers schedule I have apx, 6 weeks to go and bahhhh!!! I’m struggling to find acceptance with that, to relax, go with the flow, it will happen in perfect timing, and I’ll hold my beautiful baby.

    Anyway thanks for the post and the honesty

    {{hugs momma}} (but from affar I hate when stangers feel is ok to just come up and put their hands all over me just cause I’m prego)

  • Jess

    This was very relieving/refreshing to read. I am currently 38 weeks and 2 days pregnant. My sister had my niece in April and she always says how much she enjoyed being pregnant. I have found it hard to keep positive these past few weeks especially due to the SPD (Symphysis Pelvic Dysfunction). My doctor says it’s “just something you have to deal with and there’s not much else you can do”. So, I’m stuck in the house for at least another week or so literally bored out of my mind with everything connected to and including my pelvis in horrible pain.

    I don’t want to be the whiny first-time mom that doesn’t shut up about all the crap happening to her instead of focusing on the big picture (aka my son about to make his appearance in the world). However, nobody warns you about how much this sucks. I have gotten to the point where sleep is non-existent. Why? EVERY position is uncomfortable. I have horrible headaches, backaches, butt-aches (?), and so on. The crazy thing is that I have had 38 weeks and 2 days of this stuff building up and even now with about 12 days to go (give or take a few) I am begging and pleading for this to just be over and my son to be here in my arms, healthy and safe.

    It all makes me feel sort of guilty because of my sister and because my mom had six kids and never really complained either.

    Anyways, your blog really has helped. It makes me feel that much better knowing that I am not the only gal out there who wishes her pregnancy away as quickly as possible 😀

  • Jessica

    I hear you on that one! I came to your blog for first time ever, and I loved it! It made me laugh, because most of them is so me! I have a 3 1/2 year old daughter, and I didnt remember my pregnancy was this difficult with her. Maybe it is because I didnt have a child to look after while I was pregnant with her. And she KNOWS how to press my buttons! My hubby (is the father both of my children) feels bad for me, but want to keep the baby in till around the due date.
    Im totally ready to have this baby! Im going to be 39 weeks tomorrow and Im praying that she wont be as late as her big sister, she was 6 days overdue. Overdue sucks! Oh and I do not want to have a baby on Thanksgiving (Im in Canada). As much as I want the baby to come, but I am not looking forward to the labour again – good thing it lasts only a couple hours if I am lucky.

  • Adelaide

    I can’t even put into words how much I needed to read this! My first baby came at 36 weeks so I have never been this pregnant before (39 weeks with our second) and I have been struggling! It made me feel so much less alone reading your post and boy did I need a good laugh/cry! Love the positive affirmations as well for end of pregnancy. My first birth was very traumatic but I am so excited as we prepare for our home birth with this baby and birth without fear ❤️

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