The End of Pregnancy…Positive Thoughts

The end of pregnancy can be so hard. You are ready to throw in the towel and give up. Swollen ankles, face and every other body part, stretch marks, feeling like you need a crane to help lift you and turn you in bed, the waddle, pelvic and pubic bone pain, and who knows what else. But you can’t…give up.

This pregnancy has been very hard for me emotionally, physically and what life has thrown at our family. As I near the end of this pregnancy (around 37-38 weeks), I have a choice. I can moan, groan and bitch about how I feel or I can remember why I wanted another child, how blessed I am and how much empowering birth rocks! I choose the latter (most of the time).

I have been thinking of how I want to feel and how I want to view the end of this pregnancy. You can call them affirmations, tricks of the mind, positive thinking…whatever. As long as they help get me and keep me in a good mindset, I don’t care what you call them! I’ll share them with you if you missed them on the BWF Facebook page.

“Sweet baby, I trust your wisdom. I have faith that you know better than any of us earthside. I know the veil is so thin for you that you are connected to the truth. I will not interfere with that pureness. I will only have patience, trust and faith.” ♥

“I know the pain I am feeling is only physical. I know it will not last. I know that it will all vanish the moment you are in my arms. I know that as I count your toes…1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10…with each number my memories of discomfort, lack of sleep, aches and pains will all fade away into a distant memory. I will only feel the ecstasy of birthing you…of giving you life.” ♥

“I am in awe with every uterine tightening I feel. It’s my body’s way of giving my baby a gentle hug.”

“I thoroughly enjoy each tightening of my belly. It reminds me that my body and baby are and will work in perfect unison to bring my baby to me. I welcome this physical change with anticipation and excitement!”

“I am not only going to Birth Without Fear for myself, but for all the women who have birthed WITH fear. I will birth with POWER to give women after me hope and strength to pull from. Birth is safe…as safe as life can be…and I will trust in it and bring this baby into this world with confidence, love and courage.”

“No matter how weak and tired I feel, I know my uterus is strong and powerful. My uterus innately knows how to work WITH my baby to gently birth him/her. I wait in anticipation to it tightening, squeezing and gently pushing my baby earthside. I am honored to be part of the process.”

“As I embrace these last few weeks of pregnancy…I am in awe of the process. My body innately knows how to create a baby from tiny little cells to a precious newborn. I can not wait to hold you, smell you and feel the glory of birth. That moment is irreplaceable and I yearn to feel the empowering triumph of birthing without fear!”

Gestate in peace mamas.

~Mrs. BWF


  • Sarah

    I totally agree with you! It’s hard to remember why you wanted another when you feel like crap and are big as a house, lol. That is until you birth the beautiful baby and he/she looks at you for the first time.

    Where did you get the picture?? it is beautiful!!!

  • Amanda M

    Such lovely words mama! Can’t wait to hear your birth story (if you choose to share)

    I just wanted to say I LOVE the picture you chose for this post!!

  • Mollie

    Being now 30 weeks with my 2nd baby, this post sure speaks to me. Love the picture! I think I’m going to copy/paste some of your positive thinking. I esp. like the one about your body giving your baby a hug-I’ll have to remember that one for labor! Knowing/hearing that the 2nd baby is a harder adjustment than the first has me a bit nervous and a few times I’ve caught myself thinking “What were we thinking!?” when almost a year ago I would’ve given anything to be pregnant again (our son turned two this past Dec.). I motivate myself by regularly watching birth videos/movies (including BOBB~my son LOVES the “baby” movies) and looking at my labor photos from my son’s birth. He was born in water in the only (?) freestanding birth center in Michigan. It was a beautiful, empowering birth and the only aspect that makes me nervous is knowing this labor will be different~I’d prefer to know it’d be the same as his! 🙂

    • Mandy

      I had my son when my daughter was 2 1/2 and it’s not as big of a change as I expected. My daughter was very helpful and gentle with him and loved him from the beginning. I was very nervous also but as soon as the child is born its like an instant calmness just sweeps over you and your body takes over as it did the first time. I was breast feeding and potty training my daughter at the same time which took some serious multitasking. A lot of people didn’t think I could handle it on my own because I had just turned 20 right before he was born but I lived 1400 miles away from any help and knew almost no one while I was there and I proved them all wrong age has nothing to do with being a mother!

  • Colleen Heller

    Such wonderful wisdom and strength in your words; such powerful message for those impatient mamas out there (I was one twice, the last baby was 11 days post-date!). I also recognize the photo as the work of the amazing Darcy Vasudev of Henna Lounge in San Fransisco (I’m sure she would appreciate the photo credit!)

  • Casey Marie


    You are an amazing inspiration for women of all ages, race & background!
    Thank you for being so wonderful & sharing all these thing

  • Alicia

    okay I’m crying. I’m nearing the end and I really don’t know when it will end. I know the baby will come when it is ready but the descripancy with my due date puts my likley earlier baby at risk of hvaing to go to the hospital i wish i didn’t have an ultrasound right now. I’m stressed anxious and with so much up in the air i’m finding it hard to be postive.

    Then i read this and remembered why we are having this baby. It is truely a blessing for our family in so many ways.

    • Sirona

      Alicia, bless u hunny I had the same thing with my 19 yr old and I know it’s really hard to cope with. What kept me going was knowing that she would arrive when she was ready,all fresh and new with 10 tiny fingers 10 tiny toes, and the biggest rush of love ever!!!! My mama prayers are with u and yours. love, Star xx
      P.S. I have 8weeks to go until I meet my 1st son after 5 girls and 20 yrs of praying,!!!!!!

  • Heather

    Beautiful…. thank you for sharing.
    Would you mind if i printed this off and put it in the Health Rooms in the children’s Centre I work in …… maybe help inspire them too

  • Kriste

    I am 37 weeks and in tears because I am definitely at the stage where I really want to give up. Thank you for these beautiful words.

  • Amanda

    Wow, this is amazing. Thank you for this!!

    It can pose a challenging task to be in those last few weeks and everyone around you expects you to be miserable. It’s like they are dissappointed if you are in high spirits.

    Specifically, just yesterday. someone asked me how i was doing. I told them i feel calm. she replied “yeah, the calm before the storm.”

    no. just calm, thank you. : )

    people have this expectation of pregnant women to be grumpy, mean, irratated, etc. It’s helpful to read these and realize that is not how you have to be.

    Thank you!!!!!!!!!!

    • Manda

      so true! I am calm and honestly feel physically good at almost 35 weeks — but, no, not 100% of the time. I choose not to be grumpy. 🙂 most people around me also expect the birth to be painful and so they “get the epidural.” I’m going to have a positive natural (drug-free, using Hypnobabies) birth.

  • Kristy

    WOW! I’m currently 37.5 weeks pregnant with twin girls…birthing them at home, so no talk of unnecessary induction. This post puts my feelings, emotionally and physically, totally into the right words! Thank you! I’m choosing the latter as well…how often am I ever going to do this again!!

    • Mrs. BWF

      Congratulations Kristy! How exciting. Have you seen the great twin birth story on our site? I think you’ll find it inspiring! Update us when your little ones arrive.

  • Sharen

    I’m just days away from my first homebirth. Due on Saturday, Aug. 13 🙂 Your words came on a perfect day. Will be sure to refer to them when labor sets in. Thank you!

  • kim

    Awesome! I kind of grieved for my big belly and ever present friend in my belly once my Bubba was born….enjoy your final days fearless Mamma and know you will be cared for as you do what us BWF women do best – birth your beautiful Bubba x

  • Crys

    I am 40 weeks, 3 days and am beginning to get nervous. I am a VBAC and thankfully, my OB has no worries until we get to week 42 but I am worried. Thank you for this post, it does help, but I’m still scared!

    • Mrs. BWF

      Sounds like you have found a great, supportive OB, your baby is healthy and so are you. I think all of us, even when we trust birth, get anxious in the end. We’ve been growing, carrying and bonding with another life and just want that little one to be in our arms…to finally meet. (((hugs))) mama.

  • Dharma

    I love the picture and your post. I’m 38.4 weeks along, and I must be a rare Momma! During pregnancy, I have felt the best I have ever felt in my life, in my body. I’ve absolutely LOVED every minute of it. I’m still very active, and have found that any discomforts have been remedied with either walking or prenatal yoga.

    I find myself in a situation where I am having a very hard time with the thought of having to let the pregnancy go. It’s so special to me – and so much easier that what I perceive having a child to be (I mean we are a fully self contained and self-sufficient unit at this point! – no need for car seats, accessories or worries right now).

    Any other Mommas in my boat?? How have you been dealing with your feelings?

    • Amber

      I was a rare momma too with my first pregnancy! I loved everything and was active til the very day I went into labor.
      Pregnancy #2 and I am still a very lucky pregnant lady compared to others, but it has been much more difficult than the first.
      4+ more weeks and I said yesterday, I am getting to where I can see myself being ready to just have my baby at the end of this, this time.

  • Jessica

    Thank you for this! I am going on 39 weeks, and we have had hard times during this difficult pregnancy. Right now I am more miserable and in more pain every day I wake up…. I totally needed to be reminded of the joy that will come at the end!

  • Tarah

    This is a great reminder for me as I am currently 41 + 3 over due and scared sh!tless of a medical induction.
    I really needed this post more than you know right now.

  • Marie Sunderland

    I have recently qualified as and antenatal teacher. I am also a Dona International Doula.
    I wondered if you wouldn’t mind me printing this article off and reading it in my classes. I feel it would have a real impact on the class where I teach cascade of intervention.? I would also like to share the link on my facebook page if that is Ok?
    I can see from the many shared comments the power an article such as this one can have when a expect women is nearing the end of her pregnancy and it is a very powerful affirmation with regards to the miricle of birth.
    Thank you so much for sharing. x

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