Surrender: A Letter to My Baby

My sweet baby,

Mommy wants to write you a letter. You are my 5th child, but the first baby I have written to. Already you are special in your own way.

Our pregnancy has been hard for mommy. There are things you may not understand, nor should have to bear. Regardless, I am sure you have felt mama’s despair and stress. I want you to know, sweet little one, that none of these feelings have anything to do with you. I have always wanted you, I long to hold you in my arms and I would go through anything to have you here with me. Your daddy and I conceived you in love, we conciously made the decision to invite you to our family. We love you.

Our birth will be simply amazing. I am looking forward to working with my body and with you to bring you earthside. I trust you, believe in myself and I have faith in the process of birth. You are a wise spirit. You know the perfect timing to start this part of our journey together. You know when it is OK for us to change from one body to two. Do not be scared. I know that through the last 10 months of chaos, you have been safe and secure in my womb. I want you to know I will do all in my power for you to feel safe and secure in my arms.

Your family loves you beyond words already. We will love you and cherish you always. Your siblings are beside themselves with excitement to meet you. ‘T’ says she is going to be our midwife. ‘T’ (your only brother) wants to be the one to separate you from the placenta once you have received all of its benefit. ‘A’ says it is her job to hold you and let me tell you that you are so blessed to have ‘V’ is your older sister. I know she will love you and be tender to you always. So, you see, we are here, waiting to love you and guide you through your journey her on Earth. No, it won’t always be easy, but look at all the blessings you will already enjoy!

I am surrendering to this process, to the timing of when labor will begin, to how your birth is meant to be. I love you sweet baby. I can’t wait to feel your soft flesh in my hands, to smell the aromas of birth, to gaze into your eyes for the first time, to feel your relax instincts as you wrap your fingers around mine and to feed you perfect food from my breast. You are a miracle and I am blessed to be your earthly mother.



*Mommy and you at 41 weeks.


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