Birth Without Fear Top 10 Most Popular Blog Posts of All Time

Birth Without Fear is three years old today! To commemorate this special occasion we compiled links to the Top 10 most popular blog posts of all time here on the Birth Without Fear Blog. So without further ado…

10. Home Birth of Twins Born Past 41 Weeks, One Footling Breech

“…I had been having mild contractions off and on for about the last week, feeling my body right on the edge and knowing our boys were about ready to be born…”

9. Beautiful and Inspiring Pregnancy and Birth Pictures

“…We are strong. We are beautiful. We are inspiring. We are empowered…”

8. Face Presentation Vaginal Birth

“…Not only did she have a successful VBAC in the hospital, but her daughter was birthed with a face presentation (yes, her face was birthed first) weighing 8 lbs 1 oz…”

7. Estimated Due Dates

“…I think most of you know not all women have the same length cycles and ovulate on the same exact day in that uniform cycle. Also, not all women gestate the same, nor babies grow the exact same rate…”

6. More Birth, Breastfeeding and Placenta Pictures Removed From Facebook

“…Sometimes I see a picture that is removed from a social media site, like Facebook, and I understand why. Even if I don’t find it disturbing, I can appreciate how it might be too graphic…”uniquenessquote

5. A License to Rape

“…Rape? A doctor? A midwife? Yes. Birth Rape to be more exact. I remember the first time I read about birth rape…”

4. One Extraordinary Birth (Six Days of Labor, 33 Hours between Births, Two Healthy Babies)

“…It wasn’t that I set out to be an enthusiastic proponent of homebirth. As a matter of fact, I hadn’t thought much about what kind of a birth experience I would like to have until I got pregnant…”

3. The Circumcision Decision

“…When I began to make plans for the birth itself, I thought about what would happen on the day of his birth, and circumcision crossed my mind…”

2. The Post Partum Baby Bump: The Truth Revealed with Pictures

“…We are women, we are amazing, beautiful, strong and create miracles! Yet, we are incredibly hard on ourselves…”

1. Breech Babies Are Another Variation of Normal

“…At my ultrasound appointment and 36 weeks pregnant, I was not shocked when the ultrasound technician said, “Yep, she is breech.” I was not surprised, but I was devastated. This was not something I was educated about or prepared for…”

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