Connecting Plus Size Mommies and Doulas

This is a guest post by Jen. She runs the Plus Size Mommy group on Facebook and also blogs at Plus Size Mommy Memoirs. She is a gem that popped up on FB recently and it proven to be uplifting and supportive. So, it is no surprise to me that she is using her time to put together  a wonderful service; Plus Size Doula Connections. So, read her post and participate if you can and support her on FB!

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It’s a proven fact doulas decrease the risk of c-sections and plus size women are at a higher risk of having one. Plus Size Doula Connections is an easy way for women to locate a doula who will not only advocate for their wishes but also someone who has experience working with larger women.

I’m looking for doulas in all 50 states who have experience working with and empowering plus size women (200lbs +). In an effort to create Plus Size Doula Connections I would love for supportive doulas to contact me at Please provide a picture of yourself, contact information, and your doula philosophy. This is free advertising! Also, if you’re a plus size woman who had a positive experience with a doula please encourage them to get in touch with me.

Thank you so much for your interest and support of this project! I truly want to help enable plus size women to have healthy pregnancies and work with medical providers who will uplift them!

Best wishes,
Jen McLellan – Plus Size Mommy Memoirs

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  • Breezy

    I am so glad this topic is getting some much needed attention. Plus sized women are more often then not put through the wringer when it comes to pregnancy and labor. I had a client labor and birth on Sunday. She went au natural, even though her doc was telling her she was going to have an enormous baby, an epidural, an episiotomy and—at 2 a.m. when all else failed—a cesarean birth. Supporting a big, beautiful woman can take a little more effort (and thumb power) on behalf of a doula. I spent about 2 hours pushing a toco into mom’s belly because her size made it difficult for the traditional belts to pick up the baby’s heart beat. My thumbs STILL ache (it’s Wednesday now) but holding that darn disc was worth every single second. Her practitioner was suggesting an internal fetal scalp electrode if a good strip couldn’t be gotten externally. So the nurse and I worked together to make sure mom stayed intermittent and externally monitored.

    Hooray, plus sized moms!!

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