An Unplanned Home VBAC!

Unplanned home VBAC by Audrey

With my first daughter, I had a long labour which ended in too much hospital intervention and an eventual emergency cesarean. Throughout my second pregnancy I was fixated by my previous labour. I was very frightened of being interfered with again. My midwife was amazing, she gave me her contact number and said to call when I went into labour-we would then take it from there.

I woke at 6 a.m. on the day my second daughter was born. I was having regular pains approximately 15 minutes apart. As my first labour was so long, I assumed this one would be too, so I sent my husband off to work. I called two friends to come and spend the day with me and my two year old.

We spent the day chatting, went for a long walk and had lunch. The pains where intense and regular, approximately every ten minutes. This went on all day. At about 4:30, I sent my friend home as I was fairly sure I was in for an uncomfy, unsettled night.

At five my pains suddenly accelerated. Every five minutes. I took my daughter into the garden and we danced through the contractions! I called my husband home.

My husband arrived home at 6 p.m. By this point I could no longer stand and was crawling in circles. He took our daughter to bed and settled her. As he went upstairs he said, “Call the Midwife. This is it.” I was adamant that this wasn’t it, I was convinced I couldn’t birth naturally. I just couldn’t.

I phoned my midwife who after a brief panted conversation said, “You’re fairly far on…I can tell. I am coming over”. I then called my friend tocome babysit, I thought we were off to hospital. My friend arrived followed by my midwife. It was 7:30.

The midwife examined me. I was 8 cm! She called an ambulance. She had no equipment with her! As I climbed down from the sofa where examination had occurred, my waters broke. Suddenly I was pushing.

The ambulance arrived. The paramedics sat and drank tea in the kitchen with my friend. Forty minutes later I had given birth to my beautiful baby girl. Totally naturally. My first born slept through the whole thing and woke the next day to a baby sister.

It was the most wonderful birth more than I ever dared to hope for.




  • Corra

    I’m so glad that they didn’t try to move her while she was pushing…the paramedics here would/have. They’d rather you have that baby in their ambulance on the way to the hospital than safely in your own home. Such ignorance.

  • Sarah

    That’s wonderful! I am so happy for you! I too had a C-Section with my first and have some anxiety about birthing naturally at home, but reading stories like yours tell me that I can do it.

  • Holly

    Oh wow. This totally brought tears to my eyes!!! How beautiful!! I am so surprised that the paramedics just chilled while you were in labor !!! 🙂 How COOL of them!!!!!! 🙂 Congratulations!! 🙂

  • Jennifer @ Natural Parents Network

    I love that you were able to just birth at home and they didn’t try to rush you off! Though, I suppose it was an easier decision with a midwife present and some emergency supplies now available (since she didn’t have hers). Isn’t it amazing what our bodies are capable of!?

  • Sallee Jane Salmon

    What an amazing story, this bought a tear to my eye! Congratulations, I think it is a very common feeling to not trust our bodies after a negetive experience such as your first, I remember feeling un-convinced I was in labour the second time also, it seemed so easy…lol
    I just love hearing these positive wonderful stories – Great way to start my morning!!! Thanks!!! Enjoy your Baby!!

  • Summer

    Amazing! My paramedics not only rushed me into the ambulance during pushing, but then held my legs and told me not to push the whole way there! I wish I had had the presence to tell them to shove it! haha

    This is a beautiful story, and it sounds like the perfect birth! Congratulations mama!

  • melissa

    This is amazing i am pregnant with my second had a baby in jan by c section and i am so so so scared about this birth it was a surprise pregnancy because if it had have been left to me i wouldn’t have had anymore due scared.i am…i wish i could see into the future and see what it holds because the time is dragging cos i am worrying so much but u did amazing well done and.congrats.

  • Andie

    Amazing! Congrats, Mama! 🙂 I had a cesarean with my daughter, and I’m hoping that the next time around I can do a VBAC with a midwife. She’s so beautiful!

  • Stacy

    I loved reading your story! Congrats on a wonderful, hands-off labor and delivery, and such a sweet little baby! I too had a c-sec with my first. I am planning a HBAC this time around. Your story was very inspirational and helps me accept that I can do this without intervention at home, something I am still struggling with believing.

  • Amy

    So amazing well done to you and babe and wow to the paramedics not interfering 😀 did you (or your hubby) have to tell them to stay away or did they do it of their own accord to leave you alone to birth?

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