Wicked Awesome Birth Picture

This birth photo is amazing for so many reasons. It’s birth as it should be most of the time, the photography is phenomenal, but also look at mama’s hand touching her baby’s head, the midwife’s hand just waiting to catch and not interfering…it’s just wicked awesome! ~Mrs. BWF

home water birth of baby

My son was born at home over two years ago, and I was fortunate enough to have Emily Weaver Brown photograph it. This picture is one that I LOVE and think is amazing. Wally’s labor was fast and his head came out as I was standing in the birth pool. It took another minute for his body to be born. My midwife hadn’t arrived yet, but the student midwife (who you see wearing gloves) showed up just as Wally’s head came out. Anyway, I thought this image shows a perspective of birth that you don’t often see. ~Jessica


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