Wicked Awesome Birth Picture

Wicked Awesome Birth Picture

This birth photo is amazing for so many reasons. It’s birth as it should be most of the time, the photography is phenomenal, but also look at mama’s hand touching her baby’s head, the midwife’s hand just waiting to catch and not interfering…it’s just wicked awesome! ~Mrs. BWF

home water birth of baby

My son was born at home over two years ago, and I was fortunate enough to have Emily Weaver Brown photograph it. This picture is one that I LOVE and think is amazing. Wally’s labor was fast and his head came out as I was standing in the birth pool. It took another minute for his body to be born. My midwife hadn’t arrived yet, but the student midwife (who you see wearing gloves) showed up just as Wally’s head came out. Anyway, I thought this image shows a perspective of birth that you don’t often see. ~Jessica

41 thoughts on “Wicked Awesome Birth Picture

  1. I love it!
    This is exact why I am livid when an OB laughs when a woman says she would like to catch her own baby. (Yes, I’ve heard it more than a few times.) It’s the most natural thing in the world to receive your child into your own hands!

  2. @Mandy H – agreed! I just had our third bub 7 days ago, and delivered him myself in the shower in hospital (too quickly for the midwives, just hubby and my doula present!) It was perfect!! Our first was a natural birth, but a posterior baby who became distressed. Our second was a micro-prem, delivered via classical caesarean at 25 weeks. So this birth was amazing, and so NATURAL! 🙂

  3. Lovely picture. I esp love the spiral in the pool water, right under where babe will arrive! From mystery into mystery (at least for the babe…).

  4. Amazing what God has created women to do!!! Thank you so much for sharing such an intimate moment with us….and for helping spread the word that birth is gentle and natural.

  5. So excited to see this. I’ve been friends with Emily since high school, and ADORE/CHERISH her birth & newborn photography.

    We were lucky enough to have her do our maternity photos, and hope she’ll be able to attend our HB on our baby’s birthday (currently 33 weeks).

    So lovely to see the range of “normal” in birth!

  6. Wow, major kudos to being able to stand while giving birth!! My energy was so depleted I couldn’t even flip over after the baby came out (I was squatting against the bed). Thanks for sharing the pic!

  7. This is amazing. And I know this mama. Another wonderful photographer here in Seattle. Just had her third babe and is sick a gentle spirit. Love!

  8. Its a gorgeous picture.
    Girls i need some advice URGENTLY
    IM 36weeks pregnant and my baby is not in position
    Does anyone know of anyway to help him get in place
    Hes my second baby
    Baby girl was bornbat 25weeks and she was natural
    Im scared i dont like c-section

    1. Spinningbabies.com is great, as is a chiropractic technique called Webster. Check the website: ICPA4kids.org and click on ‘Find a Chiropractor’. Most on this site are familiar with Webster and may be able to help position your bub.

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