Tattoo Birth Pictures (a preview of more to come)…

Tattoo Birth Pictures (a preview of more to come)…

So many of you have sent in awesome pics and I’m working on a great blog post at the moment! In the mean time, Michelle sent in this series of birth pics and they tell a story that I want to share separately as you wait for the main post to come out! Birth and photography are beautiful and amazing as it is, but these have a whole different attitude and level of awesome! ~Mrs. BWF

“These are birthday pictures of my daughter Sadie Spillman. She was born on February 13, 2011 at 7:50 p.m. at Breath of Life birthing center in Largo, FL. She weighed 7 lbs. 13 1/2 oz. From the time I arrived at the birthing center and the time she was born, was a whole 40 minutes. Her loving father is Santiago Spillman. Her father is sleeved and is a tattoo artist. He did the flowers on my side which represent each of my children. Now that I had my fifth child I need to add one more rose. In the first picture I sent you can see the midwife doing the “hip-squeeze”. This technique felt so good when I was in transition phase. I hope you enjoy the pics Mrs. BWF. Your page was my rock during my pregnancy, thanks for what you do!” ~Michelle

birth pictures of tattoos


Look at Daddy’s face…


10 thoughts on “Tattoo Birth Pictures (a preview of more to come)…

  1. I forgot to mention that I was 42 weeks when I delivered. This was the last day I could deliver at the birthing center, they wouldn’t accept me after 42 weeks.

    1. That’s so awesome Michelle, i’m glad babe arrived in time for you to use the birthing centre and escape hospy 🙂 My girls were born at exactly 42 weeks each too! So we’re not expecting the latest belly babe to be much different lol.

  2. I hope to get birth photos like this at my next birth. ( im contemplating letting my step mil come in with us as she couldnt have children and has never experience a birth ) Amazing thanks for sharing.

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