Definition of Gratitude: Thankfulness.

This time of year we hear and read a lot about being grateful. Living in our modern societies, our perception of what we should be grateful for is highly skewed. As I pondered being grateful on this Thanksgiving, I thought of the last 2 years of my life, what we went through and where we are now. It is through hard times…the struggles…that we learn deep gratitude.

I am grateful for…

A large roof that shelters my family. Space for my children to run and play endless games of tag and hide and seek. For those tiny hiding spots that are so clever and just the right size for growing toddlers.

Our pantry being full of nutritious food and not so healthy treats. For a loud dining room with a table full of laughter at silly knock-knock jokes and stories being told from mom and dad’s childhood. For full bellies.

Having weight to lose for it means I am not deprived.

The innocence my children rightfully possess. Many children do not have this privilege.

The ability to use my body to go on walks, clean my home, hug my children, hold my husband’s hand in moments when we can’t even hear each other speak over the children’s screams, talking or laughter.

A vehicle to take us from here to there, that is large enough to allow our family to travel together.

My mistakes and wrong doings, because I learn from them, become more humble and can be forgiven and strive to do better.

My opportunities to serve, to give what I have and to uplift others, because really it uplifts me too.

Hate and criticism that comes my way as it strengthens me and forces me to be stronger in my beliefs and values.

A thinking mind, for an education and the freedom to make choices.

An intact marriage. For the love I give and receive with my spouse through hard times and through great times.

I am grateful that I have so many things to be thankful for that writing them all out would be too much for a little blog of many on the internet. I urge you to think about the simple things we take for granted that really we should be incredibly thankful for. Whenever you are down, start writing a list of your blessings (you can start with running water or that you can write), because you will shortly find out you have many. Many more than your worries.

“If you can solve your problem with a check, you don’t really have a problem.” ~My Dad

“There is always, always, always something to be thankful for.” ~Author unknown




  • kat

    Yes! My theme for this year is “be grateful”! So I love this post. This year I decided to have a different category for each month and note what I am grateful for. I stumbled across this blog after the amazing home water birth of my first son, now only 3 months old. 🙂 I love what you do, and I’m so grateful to be a part this community! Thanks for being so uplifting and inspiring!!

  • Monique

    I really do appreciate all the time and effort you put into your blog and fb page. I feel like I have grown ten fold since I have come across your pages . Thank you !

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