Home Birth After 2 Cesareans -“My Body Was Not Broken!”

I don’t know when to say it really started so I’ll just start with Monday. Monday my Braxton Hicks contractions were a little stronger than normal. I went to my midwife appointment and everything was great, I measured 38 weeks which was no surprise because I’ve measured small this entire pregnancy. Monday night around 1am my contractions woke me up. They were every 5-7 minutes apart and hurt a little but nothing bad.

Tuesday morning around 9 am we decided to head to Edmond because we had originally planned to have the birth at Jimmy’s grandmother’s house to be closer to a hospital in the event that something happened. My contractions never picked up and if anything they weakened so we came back home that evening and brought all of our birth stuff home with us. I had a feeling I was going to need the comfort of my own home.

Tuesday night around 2 am my contractions woke me up again. I went to the bathroom to pee and that is when I noticed the bloody show. My contractions were stronger than they had been the previous night. I went back to sleep around 4 am and drifted in and out until about 7 am which is when I sent a text to my doula. She arrived around 8:30 am. From then until about noon, my contractions were strong and regular about every 3-5 minutes but they were not picking up.

My doula said she would go and get some lunch and hang out somewhere else for a while if I wanted her to so that I could be alone and I thought that was probably a good idea. She left and I went and laid down in my bed because it seemed like when I was completely relaxed in my bed is when my contractions were really productive. That did the trick! I drifted in and out and had Jimmy time my contractions. They were closer and much stronger and at about 1:30 pm I sent a text to my doula and told her she should probably come back. I called my midwife and told her that I needed her to come as well.

I got in the tub for about an hour but I was able to breath through my contractions much better when I could fully relax and let the rest of my body sink into my bed. My midwife checked me at 3:30 pm, I was at 5-6 cm and she said the baby was really low. I asked Jimmy to lie down beside me when once the contractions started to get pretty intense. It is so weird, you hear about the natural endorphins that your body releases during labor and it is so true. Between each contraction I would dose off just like when you are on pain pills (I know this because I was on lots after both of my previous cesareans). It felt like the time between my contractions was long but they were much more intense now with a lot of downward pressure.

I was still lying in bed at 5:15 pm when my water broke. I felt yucky so I went to get in the tub. While I was standing in the bathroom waiting for them to fill the tub up I suddenly felt like I had to poop and they said that it was time to push. I pushed for maybe 15 minutes in the tub but I couldn’t focus my energy to the right place because I was trying to pull and hold myself up with each push. I said I wanted to get out so I went and sat on the birth stool at the foot of my bed. It was much easier to push there and baby Liam River was soon born at 6:05 pm weighing in at 6 lbs. 14 oz and measuring 20 in long. I heard someone say that he was born 49 minutes after my water broke.

I never felt like my contractions were unbearable. In fact, before they got really intense in the end, the feeling of coming off each one was sort of intoxicating. The hardest part for me was pushing, not because it hurt but because it felt like it was the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life. I thought it was going to take forever when I was in the tub, but once I got on the birth stool and started pushing effectively it happened so quick. With each push I sounded like some sort of wild animal on a nature show roaring! When he was crowning I remember them asking me if I wanted to feel his head or if I wanted a mirror and I said, “NO! I just want to get him out!!!”

The whole experience was so beautiful and perfect in every way. Jude helped his daddy cut the cord and both of my boys are in love with their new baby brother. I am so proud of myself. I’m proud that I can say I had a drug free, completely natural birth. I’m proud that I chose to step outside the norm and have a homebirth. And I’m proud that I can be an inspiration for other women with one or multiple cesareans who choose not to be cut again. I knew my body was not broken, it is strong and it was made for birthing my babies naturally. I finally did it!!!

*Shared with permission from the mother and photography by Sharalee Stephens.


  • Jayme

    Oh my gosh! I just found this blog today & I am pregnant with #3! My first 2 were C-sections (one was necessary — like life-threatening necessary & the 2nd was a doctor’s preference (both after 10 cm!)I sooo needed this! Thank you so much for sharing…

  • Jess

    WoW! You know I felt truly connected to your story from the very beginning and the connections multiplied as I read on! I have 2 boys, both born cesarean, and I am now 26 weeks with my first little girl! 🙂 I am actually due on December 22nd so I have been really torn about trying natural again after 2 unplanned c-sections! I was that woman who though I could do it each time…. and well… was unsuccessful! I am living in Germany and am too far from the hospital to do it in my home, but I am building up support this time that I didnt have before! I have a friend who is going to be there for me and hopefully we can accomplish what you did here! I love your statement, “My body was not BROKEN!!!” I think that would be the most incredible feeling to know that I am not broken! You inspire me! Congratulations on your new baby! Also, haha, my oldest boy is named Jude! 😉

  • Nicole

    Extremely inspiring!! I have had 2 c’s and I would love to feel a natural birth!! How satisfying it must be for you to share your story!! Thank you soo much!!

  • Mindy

    How inspiring!! I totally connected with your line, “My body was not broken”, because that is exactly how I felt after both of my labors ended in c-sections. I was SO sure that I would have a successful VBAC, that I cried for days after my 2nd daughter was born thinking that my hopes of ever experiencing natural birth were gone. You have restored my hope that it CAN happen! Thank you!

  • Sarah

    Thank you thank you thank you!!

    I love your story and am so happy for you that you got to HBA2C. It’s what I am looking into now even before TTC and that it can be done with support is a breath of fresh air! <3 Thank you!

  • Ariana

    Your story brought me to tears to see that I too can have this dream of having a home birth after 2 cesareans. Being told I may have to have a third, I really pushed for a VBACA2C. I got that support in the end to allow me to try for one.

    Then today after seeing my midwife being 30 weeks pregnant, I asked for a home birth as well. She has been so supportive right through this pregnancy that she is all for it and referred me to your blog as well.

    I must say that I too believe my body is not broken and that I can do this. Sometimes there are complications or interferences by medical professionals but regardless our bodies are made for birthing and it’s worth giving it a go. I’m prepared to go to the hospital if something happens but at least I can give it a go knowing I have been heard and my desires were respected.

    Thank you for sharing your amazing story, I hope mine is just as successful as yours

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