• Shara

    Ha! there is a nasty gang group on facebook somewhere that I happened across…it was full of very graphic pictures of people who the gang had murdered brutally, whole families even, and babies.

    I reported them, and only the pictures of genitilia were removed.

    They need to change their priorities a bit.

  • Trina Mart

    I find it sad that in the US who is what 3rd in infant mortality rate is so against educating about such natural things. im not gonna say that the placenta itself is a “beautiful” thing but it is remarkable and like I video I once watched the unsung hero! I do however find this photograph beautiful because it shows how intricate this organ is. thank you for keeping it on your blog I hope that through my schooling I can learn more about our unsung hero!

  • jacque

    so, i thought the placenta was a liquid that came out of you when the baby was born. until i saw these (no offense) disturbing yet interesting images i had no idea what a placenta really was.

  • Erin

    No, the ridiculous thing is that they allow pornographic photos & other terrible photos to stay on FB yet remove breastfeeding & birth photos. It’s screwed up. If you find something like THIS offensive, unlike the darn page. Pornographic shots of naked women showing up on my news feed? That’s offensive. SMDH

  • Sarah

    As amazing as it is, I can see why people would be grossed out by it. It kind of makes me sick because I’m squeamish and if a friend on your FB ‘likes’ it , then it shows up on YOUR newsfeed and startles you. So I can see how it got reported. BUT, I myself would not have done so. It’s not immoral or trashy or offensive in any way except for being a little gnarly looking. lol. And it is pretty cool.

  • Ana

    Did you ever get the forum figured out? I would love to be able to ask some questions and receive answers from the BFW community!


    I am probably really late posting this…like 2 years late…but I just wanted to say how strange I find the fact that fb suspended you for a picture of a placenta!?! They allow the most violent, immoral pictures and videos on FB. It is really strange. Did you ever ask them WHY they did it, i.e. what was so offensive?

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