Faith Centered Hospital VBAC

The following are exerpts from one mother’s VBAC journey.

“…I had always been a little disappointed that I had to have a c-section with Travis.  For no other reason than pride I think.  I knew that I was a mother no matter the method of delivery and that no gold stars are handed out based on how they came out of you, but still, birth was just one of those things in life that I wanted to experience…”

“…As my pregnancy continued…I began to think more about trying for a vaginal birth after c-section (vbac). I can’t remember the first time that I really brought it up to Brandon, but, at that time, he didn’t seem to care one way or the other.  I think we were about halfway along when we first asked our doctor about it. She said that she was ok with me trying it but that she wasn’t optimistic about my chances given that Travis couldn’t fit under my pelvic bone because of his head size.  I was just glad that she (and the practice she was a part of) was ok to let me try…”

“…Even after we got the vbac attempt sign off, I waivered many, many times.  The scheduling and certainty of the c-section is appealing to us type-A personalities, and Brandon and I were both afraid of the scenario we encountered with Travis where I labored, pushed for almost 3 hours, and still had to have the c-section.  As time went on and delivery became nearer, I began reaching out to my closest girlfriends to learn more about their deliveries and more importantly to seek their spiritual advice and prayers…”

“…I had been keeping a prayer journal over the last month of my pregnancy outlining scripture, fears, praises, etc. with regard to the birth of Maryn.  The first page read like a “choose your own” storybook.  Specifically, it reads:  “First Hurdle – going into labor on my own.  If this happens, view it as encouragement that body is ready and that VBAC is viable, doable, and more importantly blessed by God who caused labor to start.  If this doesn’t happen, do not be discouraged as VBAC was not in His plan.  Praise Him for healthy and safe delivery and peace about situation…”.

“…Mom and Kelly came in from Lubbock on Friday since we were all expecting Maryn to arrive on the 14th just as we had scheduled many months ago.  We woke up Saturday morning (her due date) with a full list of stuff to do before we had a baby on Tuesday and moved into our new house the following weekend…”

“…I told Brandon about the contractions that I’d been having for a couple hours and we started timing them.  Love the contraction app on the iPhone!  I think they were about 8-10 minutes apart.  Not terribly painful, but definitely noticeable…”

“…I was still in a bit of denial and fully expected them to peter out at any minute so we had dinner and then headed to the new house.  I knew I was going be laid up during the walk thru the following week so I wanted to check things out and give my two cents worth where I could.  It was hot and I vividly remember glaring at Brandon asking if he would hold our 28 lb. toddler so, you know, I could have contractions in peace…”

“…It was like Travis sensed that something was up and he only wanted his mama…I took him to his room and, like all the nights before, we snuggled and swayed and sang Jesus Loves Me.  I knew, and I think he knew, that this was the last night that he would be an only child.  I couldn’t hold back the tears and was overcome with emotion: love, fear, sadness that this chapter as a family of 3 was closing, and excitement as life as a family of four became imminent…”

“…Around 10, I told Brandon that we should try to get some rest.  I lasted laying in the bed until the first contraction hit – being in bed was the most uncomfortable spot so I headed into the living room.  My sweet hubby of course had already drifted off to sleepy land.  I tried sitting on the ball and laying my head on the couch…”

“…When attempting a VBAC in a hospital, they definitely encourage you to get to the hospital sooner rather than later for proper monitoring.  I was trying to balance this with my goal to progress as far as I could at home and with no epidural…”

“…I think we got to the hospital about 12:30 and after one pause for a contraction we strolled into the emergency room entrance.  The lady asked what we needed and I’m pretty sure I say “I’m here to birth a baby!”  I got chuckles from everyone… that’s just how I roll.  They put me in the most bizarre looking wheelchair and wheeled me off to triage…”

“…I was so at peace at this point that it was kind of  strange and most obviously God-induced.  The British triage nurse (weird place to hear an accent!) checked me and told me I was a “stretchy 5”, which I think means that she had to stretch a little to get a 5, but it most definitely meant that I was checking in to have a baby!..”

“…God’s faithfulness continued as He surrounded me with all the right hospital personnel that night!  When we got to a room and Krista joined us, we met my labor and delivery nurse, Amy.  She was young, had a pierced nose, and was crunchy enough to totally be supportive of the VBAC.  She really helped set the stage for success and was definitely heaven-sent…”

“…I had NO desire to have a natural birth, but I wanted to labor as long as possible without an epidural.  I just felt like no drugs for as long as I could handle it would better Maryn’s chances of getting in the right spot.  It was about 2 am at that point.  Once my water was broken, the contractions really started coming!..”

“…Your spouse obviously is super important to have by your side, but I would highly suggest having an additional labor support person (preferably one who has birthed babies) who can help verbalize your feelings and who can help talk you through the contractions.  Krista was able to help me keep focused and relax through the contractions…”

“…The pain didn’t really hit me until I went from a 6 to a 7.  It was at this point that I started asking for the epidural man to start making his way…Doc Holliday (I kid you not) came in to do my epidural.  I remember him saying all the legal mumbo jumbo and disclosures, and I was just saying yes, yes, give me the epidural.  I was totally cussing stupid lawyers during this time…”

“…I was able to rest (not sleep, but rest) with the epidural.  During the insertion of the epidural, Krista had to leave the room.  When she returned she had Joyce with her…Joyce’s first task was locating my mascara!  The epidural took away the pain and my mental checklist took over.  I knew that the birth photographer would be there soon and mascara makes a world of difference in pictures!  I probably started barking orders and asking about the status of a million things…”

“…I particularly loved this statement and it went into my prayer journal verbatim:  “This birth is one means of God working to grow me in maturity and endurance. I will be stronger in my faith if I rely completely upon Him to accomplish His good work…”’

“…At one point, Amy checked me and confirmed I was completely dilated.  With Travis, they immediately made me start pushing even though my body really wasn’t telling me it was time to push.  This time she just suggested that I keep resting for a while and she would check back later…”

“…Amy was great at letting me try different positions, but I could just tell nothing was really happening.  Amy took it upon herself to say that she was turning off the epidural.  It was something I had thought about and wanted, but had forgotten about.  Totally a God intervention!  She said it took about an hour to totally wear off, but I would start getting the feeling back sooner than that.  Her turning it off served as a little encouragement…”

“…Keri, the photographer, sensed my discouragement at one point and sent Krista and Joyce in.  Joyce suggested that I reach down and feel her head (which I did) and Krista suggested that a mirror might be helpful in my pushing efficiency.  I agreed and was expecting a little hand mirror or something.  I died laughing when they rolled in this enormous mirror.  The look on Brandon’s face was priceless!..”

“…I had totally lost track of time, but it wasn’t long before the nurses kicked Krista and Joyce out and called in the doctor to catch.  I get goose bumps just writing it, and it was surreal to experience it…It seemed like he was taking his sweet time getting suited up, gloves on, glasses on, etc.  I really, really, REALLY wanted to push…”

“…Once I got the go ahead to push, I think she made her entrance on my first attempt.   She was perfect!  The experience was perfect!  He was perfect!  The intense emotion when I saw her was the same as with Travis, but the physical part was just so much better this time.  Obviously the Lord had prepared my body to birth this baby… I even got a compliment on my fabulous perineum!  Maryn was beautiful and healthy, and I literally felt on top of the world…”

“…I prayed that this vbac journey would be a testimony, and He most certainly delivered.  God is faithful!  He provided: a litany of prayer warriors who started praying about Maryn’s birth weeks before it came, open lines of communication between Brandon and I and an amazing supportive husband, a supportive and loving family and a mother who went the extra mile to help me reach the end goal, amazing “Jesus friends” that prayed with me and for me and encouraged me through scripture and love, the absolute perfect hospital personnel hand-picked by Him for my journey, a birth photographer that had the faith and knowledge to know the perfect timing to send in my cheering squad, a cooperative body to birth this baby, and the most perfect baby girl which will forever get to be a part of this testimony.”

To read the full birth story, please visit the mother’s blog.

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