Kissing During Labor to Reduce Anxiety and Increase Oxytocin

It really can help. My last labor was very long and hard. During one part, kissing my husband between and even during contractions helped me relax and distracted me from intense contractions. Justine, a photographer, has recently witnessed this herself.

She says, “I snapped this photo of my client Danielle during her labor of her new baby girl. She was fully dilated and pushing within 5 minutes of taking this photo. She had a natural hospital birth. We had listened to Ina May Gaskin talk about kissing during labor and here is the end result…a relaxed momma.”

“Kissing reduces anxiety and increases oxytocin levels, a extremely calming hormone and produces a feeling of peace.  But don’t just take my word on it! Listen to Ina May Gaskin talk about just this thing.” ~Justine Marie Photography


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