Mom of 9 Supports Her Daughter’s First Birth {Birth Video}

I received this beautiful email and video from Tracy and of course want to share!

“I absolutely love your website, FB page and everything related to birthing without fear. I am a mom of 9, gave birth to 6. I’m a doula, midwifery student and am a HUGE advocate of natural birth. My last birth a year ago was a plan unassisted at home with my husband and kids and it was amazing! My 23 year old daughter recently gave birth at home with a midwife and her assistant. She was almost 2 weeks past due. She would have had an almost perfect birth if it weren’t for the fact that baby aspirated meconium and ended up transferring to the hospital.

I think it’s important for women (especially young women) to see this and know that our bodies are designed to birth our babies without the multitudes of interventions that society has to offer. And as much as we plan for the birth that we desire, things do happen, but this ending is an amazing one….a blessed momma and baby…healthy and all. Enjoy!”


  • Catherine S

    Tracy, I think I may have met you before. Do you live a large city in the south? It would have been at a consignment store about 2 months or so ago and I was quite pregnant. If so, it is quite a small world!

    • Tracy

      Yes Catherine…its me 🙂 Hope you had the birth that you desired… you were such a beautiful pregnant mama. Yes, it is a small world, but we continue to cross paths because of our “like-minded” interest. Doesn’t “Birth Without Fear” ROCK?

      • Catherine S

        That is so cool and thank you! I had a feeling I would see you again and have thought about you often. I had an exquisite, 3 hour, very supported, midwife attended VBAC water birth in the hospital and a very healthy and lively little girl. It was absolutely amazing and my daughter is beyond perfect. And yes, I love Birth Without Fear too. My email is if you want to get in touch and I am on FB as well. Were you ever able to get in touch with any other doulas/ midwives in the area?

  • amanda smith

    I agree, natural birth is so much better…may not FEEL the best, but much better for mom and baby.

    i had my first daughter when I was in highschool, I planned and successfully went through with a completely natural birth. My second and 3rd girls were also the same. Im coming up on my 25th birthday and im so very glad that I was able to fulfill my expectations of birth with all my girls.

    So many young women get too scared, but Im proof that you WILL survive, you WILL come through it, it WILL end and you CAN do it!!

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