Labor of Love, Home Birth Clip

I am so excited to share this. My friend (yes, I know her IRL) was on Labor of Love. There are 2 mamas in the video, my rockin’ friend is Morgan Mayes. I love that home birth was featured on this show (OK, and that Morgan told her midwife to be quiet. Ha!). Please SHARE THIS. I want her views on YouTube to go way up so they will feature more natural childbirth stories on their show!!!!

There are 2 birth stories featured here and they are quite different in how the women birthed. Each family, woman, pregnancy, and birth are different. You can hear Morgan saying that it’s so different than her first, so much more intense. Also in Lizzie’s labor and birth, ( Lizzie is a BWF mama too!) she chose to be out of the water on the bed and her midwives were helping her go slow to reduce the chances of tearing.


  • Jeri

    Absolutely LOVED this! Beautiful! I am expecting our 3rd child in July, so watching videos like this is JUST what I need, soooooo encouraging 🙂

  • Mama B

    For my first birth, I had the exact posite of what I wanted. It has caused me to do SO much research and decide that I want a home birth for our next baby. I loved watching this video — it’s so empowering and beautiful. I can’t wait to share my Home VBAC on here after our delivery!!!!

  • Anna Hope-Melnick

    Are there more episodes of this show somewhere? I LOVE this. It is such a refreshing change from the fear mongering on the majority of TV programs about labor and birth.

  • Miranda

    Bawling my eyes out right now. Beautiful, this is what birth is supposed to be like. Right now I have this little voice in my head saying “Why couldn’t you do that?!” 🙁 I wish my planned home waterbirth had gone like this. That’s proof that birth matters. Thank you for sharing this, BWF! Love your ways xx

  • Katie

    I am not a mom yet but watching this video is so empowering and inspiring! 🙂 It made me cry. It’s absolutely miraculous to me what our bodies are capable of! Through media exposure over the last few years, I have seen and come to the decision that birthing naturally is the way to go. The way nature intended! I am committed to educating myself and birthing this way if my circumstances allow it. Hopefully this dream will become a reality in a few years if things go my way.

    There were shots in the video of one of the mom’s (Lizzie) birth centers. It showed the sign outside and I recognized it. I live a few minutes down the street from there and drive by that little building almost every day. Talk about meant to be! 😀

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